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Create your little one's dream bedroom with our kids’ bedding range, including kids’ pillows, quilts & sheets, at low prices. Shop kids’ bedding at Spotlight.

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Colourful And Quality Kids' Bedding & Bed Linen

Sweet dreams and happy days are ahead thanks to Spotlight's range of kids' bedding and bedroom accessories. Shop for everything you need for your child's bedroom at Spotlight including kids bed sheets, kids flannelette bed linen and more. Turn bedrooms into fantasy lands for your little ones with Spotlight's amazing range of kids' bedding sets from popular brands like Kids House and KOO Kids today!

Let Your Kids Join In On The Styling!

One of the best ways to ensure your child takes pride in their bedroom is if they are able to help out in choosing their bedding and bedroom decorations. While you may need to have the final say on things like mattress type, kids' sheets and any extra protections, let your child choose things like their quilt cover, pillowcases and decorations like extra bed cushions, kids throws and wall decor. This will help them take pride in their rooms, offering extra incentive to keep their space clean, tidy and in good condition.

Kids' Bedding FAQ

What bedding does my child need?

When you've found the right mattress for your child, choosing what bedding they need is the next step. Some sort of underlay or protector is great for extending the life of the mattress itself, and a protector in particular is vital if your child is young.

You can then look for a sheet set, which includes a fitted and flat sheet. The fitted sheet will provide your child with a smooth, flat surface to sleep on over any mattress protection, and a flat sheet helps keep the doona clean and will also work on hot nights when a quilt is too much to have on.

How to decorate bedding for a kids' bed

Once you have your kids' bedding sorted, it's time for the fun part - decorating! A colourful kids quilt cover set, coverlet or bedspread is a great place to start - let your child choose a pattern they love, or even prints based on their favourite movies or TV shows. Full kids' bedding sets are a great way to get a consistent look in one package.

You can add extra dimension and textures to the bed with some bed cushions and a textured throw or blanket as well - make them stand out by choosing colours and textures different from those on the bed already.

Should I use a theme for my child's bedroom?

A theme your child loves can help make bedroom decorating much easier! Start a mood board and see if you can come up with a theme for your kid's bedroom. Themes appeal to kids and they're also a useful way of tying the elements of the room together. Your theme might be based around a colour or maybe something general like dinosaurs or fairies. Otherwise, it could be more specific - such as a DC Comics theme or a Disney princess theme - that can start with the kids' bedding and then be mirrored in the kids' accessories, like pictures on the wall, bags and backpacks, water bottles, graphics in lampshades and upholstery on chairs.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

If you are looking for kids' bedding, Spotlight is the place to start! Here you can find:

  • Kids' bedspreads and coverlets - light, durable and colourful, a coverlet or bedspread is a smart option for warmer months when your child still wants more than just a flat sheet to sleep with.
  • Kids' pillowcases - the right pillowcase can impact your child's allergies, as well as help with skin and hair care.
  • Kids' bedroom decor - decorative extras like pictures, wall art and hanging decor can go a long way into making your child's room that extra bit special.

For everything else bedding-related, browse our bed hub online.

Find The Right Kids' Bedding At Spotlight

Create the perfect bedroom for your child with the amazing range of kids' bedding at Spotlight! Choose your kids' bedding sets online, pay your way and we'll deliver your kids' bedding to your door. You can also visit your local Spotlight store to view our kids' sheets, blankets and decor in person. Make sure you are choosing the right bedding by consulting our bed linen buying guide before purchasing. And for more kids' bedroom ideas, browse our decorate blog online!



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