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At Spotlight our range of bean bag covers and bean bag filling makes it easy to create the ultimate comfy bean bag for your home. Mix and match your chosen cover design with our range of bean bag beans, or shop bean bag filling to add extra plumpness to your favourite bean bag. Whether you're setting up a home cinema, decorating your kid's room or adding extra seating options to your patio, bean bags are a versatile and super comfortable option for just about every space in your home. Shop the range online at Spotlight and enjoy the uniquely relaxing benefits of a cosy bean bag today!

Explore Plush & Cosy Materials With Spotlight's Bean Bag Covers

Bean bags are all about comfort, and at Spotlight our selection of bean bag covers is available in a great range of plush materials for the ultimate in relaxation. We have faux fur bean bag covers and velvet bean bag covers to add a touch of luxury to your decor, as well as modern styles made from canvas. Not only are our bean bag covers comfortable, they're made from practical and durable polyester or poly-cotton blends for longevity.

Bean Bags FAQs

How to fill a bean bag (and stop beans from going everywhere!)

Filling a bean bag is easy, and with a few careful precautions and planning you can ensure that it's a no mess, no fuss experience. Keep in mind that this is a two-person job - one to hold the bean bag, and another to do the filling!

  • Using a large piece of cardboard or poster paper, create a conical shape with an opening 10 cm to 15 cm wide at the pointer end. This will effectively become a funnel or chute through which you will pour the bean fill.
  • Unzip the bean bag opening just wide enough to accommodate your newly created funnel.
  • Open your bag of bean fill or bean bag beans using a pair of scissors. Made an opening around 20 cm in length across the top of the bag.
  • With one person holding the funnel in place, have the other stater carefully pour the bean filling into the bag. You may need a few bags to get the volume required.
  • Zip up the bean bag and you're done!

How to wash a bean bag

In order to wash your bean bag, you'll first need to empty the bean fill so you can pop the cover in the machine. Even if you could fit the whole bean bag in your machine, it's not a great idea to let the beans get wet, as this creates a damp environment that could encourage mould! Empty your bean bag gently into large storage containers, or in a pinch you can empty it into a quilt cover to contain the bean bag beans. Then launder the bean bag cover as per the manufacturer's instructions.

How many litres is 500g of bean bag beans

500g of bean bag fill equates to approximately 50L. Check the label on your bean bag cover to see how many bags it requires - most standard-sized bean bags will need about 3 x 500g bags. Grab an extra bag of fill if you have the space to accommodate it at home - it's great to be able to plump your bean bags occasionally, as the filling can become compacted and lose volume over time.

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