Brighton 8Ply Deer Headband Project

Level: Intermediate


  • 4 Seasons Brighton Cotton 8ply 50g
  • Deer - 1 ball each of 1st Colour (C1) Natural, 2nd Colour (C2) Brown and 3rd Colour (C3) Cream.
  • 1 pair each 4mm and 3.25mm knitting needles or sizes required to give correct tension.
  • A small amount of Hobby Fill for Deer Headband.
  • Scissors, yarn needle, tape measure



Using 4mm needles and C1, cast on 95 sts.

Work as for Cat Headband in stripes of 2 rows C1, 8 rows C2 and 2 rows C1.

Cast off in rib.


Using 3.25mm needles and C1, cast on 17 sts.

Work 12 rows stocking st, inc one st at each end of 3rd row, then in foll 4th row twice more ... 23 sts.

13th row (RS) - K10, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K10 ... 21 sts.

14th and every foll alt row - Purl.

15th row - K9, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K9 ... 19 sts.

17th row - K8, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K8 ... 17 sts.

19th row - K7, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K7 ... 15 sts.

Cont dec in this manner (working 1 st less before and after centre dec), in every foll alt row until 3 sts rem.

Next row - Purl.

Next row - Sl 1, K2tog, psso ... 1 st.

Fasten off.

Using C1, make a 2nd ear piece in same manner.

Using C2, make a further 2 ear pieces in same manner.


Using 3.25mm needles and C3, cast on 13 sts.

Work 4 rows stocking st.

5th row - (K1, K2tog) 4 times, K1 ... 9 sts.

Work 3 rows stocking st, beq with a purl row.

Break off yarn leaving a long end.

Thread yarn through rem sts, draw up tightly and fasten off securely.


DO NOT PRESS. Using mattress st, join side edges of Headband tog to form a ring. Using mattress st, join one C1 ear piece to one C2 ear piece. Rep with rem 2 ear pieces. Sew ears securely in position to top of Headband as pictured. Join side edges of antlers tog. Stuff with hobby fill and mould to shape. Sew in position inside ears as pictured.



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