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Declutter your bedroom and create more space by exploring our huge range of clothes racks, coat hangers and garment racks at Spotlight. Shop our complete range in-store and online today to ensure your bedroom stays clean and tidy!

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What Type of Clothes Storage Can I Purchase at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, you will find a variety of clothes storage options ranging from a simple clothes hanger to storage boxes and even a complete garment rack on castors. All of which will enable you to store your clothes wrinkle-free for both daily use and when items have to be stored away out of season.

Do You Have Anything to Protect Delicate Garments?

Apart from garment racks and portable clothes racks, our flocked coat hangers will not harm delicate fabrics with their soft covering, and clear garment bags will protect your finery while still allowing you to easily see what is inside the bags. Garment bags are available in various sizes to fit longer and shorter clothing items. Accessories such as scarves and wraps can be kept safe in storage boxes when not in use. Gentlemen's ties can be easily stored on the special tie and belt hanger which has room for up to 20 items.

Why Do You Stock so Many Different Types of Coat Hangers?

Different types of clothing require different hangers, and if you have ever found some of your clothes on the floor of your wardrobe, you will agree. With special suit hangers, wood hangers for trousers, skirts and tops, and even non-slip hangers for silky items such as shirts or tops, you will be able to make sure everything stays where you want it to be.

High-quality coat hangers with clips are ideal for trousers if you don't want to get a crease from where they have been folded over the bar of the hanger, and they can double up for skirts that don't have any loops to hang on too.

What About Storage For Shoes?

You can stop shoes from cluttering up the bottom of your wardrobe and save space with some of our great shelf organisers. These are made from canvas and simply attach by means of their Velcro handle around the hanging bar in your wardrobe. With six separate compartments, they are an ideal way to store slippers, shoes, and many other smaller items such as belts, scarves and even underwear.

What Else Can I Find in the Range at Spotlight?

  • Kid's bedroom: create an adorable theme for your child's bedroom with our fun and exciting kid's bedroom range of colourful quilts, pillows, sheets and more.
  • Bedroom accessories: with a selection of sheet grippers, mosquito nets, quilt protectors and more, you'll find what you need in our bedroom accessories
  • Bedding: when it's time to buy some new bedding for your home, our massive range of bedding will ensure you get your beauty sleep!
  • Bed linen: whether you're searching for a high thread count, soft material or beautiful colours, you'll find it all in our quality bed linen
  • Bedroom storage accessories: apart from clothes storage, we also have a great range of bedroom storage accessories with a selection of hanging shelves, storage bags, washing baskets and much more.

Find the Right Clothes Racks, Coat Hangers & Garment Racks at Spotlight

With so many different clothes racks and storage options at Spotlight, you will be able to find the perfect solution for tidying away your clothes when not in use and keeping your bedroom looking neat and uncluttered. Also be sure to check out our helpful buying guides such as how to fold a fitted sheet for more helpful information.

Shop our entire range of clothes hangers, garment racks and clothes storage online or visit us in-store today.



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