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Sleep well with the right pillow from Spotlight. You can find european pillows, feather pillows, memory foam pillows & more online or in-store, with variations in size, filling and cover material all available to suit your sleeping needs. Find amazing brands like Dream Away, Dunlopillo and Ever Rest right here at Spotlight!

Why You Need A New Pillow

Once your pillow starts to age, it will no longer give your head and neck the support you need, and it can also become very unhygienic. Here are some signs your pillow needs replacing:

  • Your pillow is discoloured. We lose up to a pint of sweat each night! This inevitably dirties and stains your pillow cover, and allows unhealthy bacteria to grow inside the filling.
  • You wake up with a neck ache. It may be because your pillow has become flat or lumpy and no longer supports your neck as it should. It may also mean that you have the wrong pillow for your sleeping style.
  • You wake up wheezy or with a runny or blocked nose. You may be allergic to house dust mites living in your pillow. New pillows are dust mite-free, and certain materials will even discourage them from settling there.

To extend its life, it's important you know how to wash a pillow. Most can be popped in the washing machine, although foam and latex pillows should be spot cleaned by hand. Line dry your pillows until they are completely dried through before placing them back on your bed.

Pillow FAQs

Should I buy a firm pillow or a soft pillow?

How firm or soft your pillow feels depends on what it is filled with. In a natural pillow, firmness depends on the ratio of feather to down, with feathers being firm and down being soft, as well as the quality of the down. The larger the down cluster, the softer the feel of the pillow.

  • In a synthetic pillow, firmness depends on the amount of filling blown into the pillow - a higher amount gives firmer support.
  • Do you sleep on your back or on your stomach? Then you will need one soft pillow (not too thick) that will offer support by gently moulding to the shape of your head and neck.
  • Do you sleep on your side? You will need one firmer pillow (or two pillows, depending on how broad your shoulders are) to keep your head supported and aligned with your spine. A firm bottom pillow and a soft top pillow might be a good choice.
  • Pregnant people can also benefit from a long body pillow to support them as they sleep. Extra small pillows, like european pillows, may help as well.

What are the benefits of memory foam pillows?

An increasingly large number of people are spending more time in front of their desks, in front of computers, or performing some form of labour that includes repetitive movements. If you regularly return home with back or neck aches, it may be worth trying a memory foam pillow. Memory foam is heat-sensitive and the way it moulds itself to your contours gives it the ability to cradle the head and neck, allowing you to relax your muscles more easily. The result can be a more restful night's sleep! Spotlight stocks a number of memory foam pillows, including travel pillows and v-shaped pillows for unusual sleeping situations.

What kinds of pillows are good for allergies?

People who suffer from asthma, hay fever, skin allergies or breathing problems will benefit from choosing a hypoallergenic pillow. A hypoallergenic pillow is designed and produced with materials that minimize developing allergies or allergic reactions and is designed to repel dust mites, one of the leading causes of allergies. Hypoallergenic pillows are produced to be anti-microbial, allergy-free and toxin-free.

What Else Can I Find For My Bed At Spotlight?

Pillows form just a small part of your sleeping cohort - here is what else you can find:

  • Throws and blankets - for a little extra warmth and a lot of extra style, our beautiful throws and blankets are the perfect addition to any bed.
  • Quilts - your quilt will be your main source of warmth, so choose the next one to suit your sleeping style here!
  • Pillowcases and pillow protectors - ensure your pillow is clean and protected with a pillowcase and pillow protector.
  • Bedding - if it goes on your bed, you'll find it in our bedding section. Find blankets, protectors, underlays, toppers and more here.

For anything else you could need for your bedroom, visit our bedroom hub online.

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Ready to choose your pillow? Find your next pillows at Spotlight - we have just as much range as any pillow store, plus extras! Browse the range online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your pillows straight to your front door. You can also pop into your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team members will help you pick out the perfect pillow for your sleeping style. For more clarity on what kind of pillow to buy, read through our handy pillow buying guide online. And for heaps of great ideas and inspiration for your home, browse our decorate blog today!



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