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Beautiful jewellery requires some strong thread or cord to tie everything together. Shop Spotlight’s beading thread and cord online or in-store today!

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Find the Perfect Bead String, Thread & Elastic For Your Beading Projects

At Spotlight, you can find the perfect bead thread, cord or elastic for your beading project! Whether you are making friendship bracelets, doing bead weaving or jewellery making, you can find the right bead strong for you. Choosing the right thread for your project requires a little consideration, as some threads are stronger than others. You also need to consider the overall weight of the thread and how it will affect its look. Plus, your thread must be strong enough to carry the beads you have in mind. Our range includes:

Beading String & Cord FAQs

When should bead cord be used for beading?

Popular beading cords include simple stretch thread and stretch jelly elastic. These are versatile cord options which can be used for jewellery making. They are constructed from durable plastic and are affordable. Leather thonging is also popular for a rustic look and durability.

What are the advantages of stretch elastic cord?

Stretch elastic cord will only be used for projects that require some stretch, this may include bracelets and necklaces without a clasp, which are pulled over the hands or over the head. To close a piece of jewellery that has been made with stretch cord, all you have to do is tie a knot at the end of the bracelet.

What knot to use for beading elastic?

For stretch thread and jelly elastic, a reef knot is the best way to tie and secure your beads.

Discover the Selection of Bead Cord & Thread at Spotlight Today

Spotlight offers a large range of thread, wire and cord suitable for jewellery making and beading. We have options in steel, silk, polyester, nylon and all other materials mentioned in this overview. In addition to thread, cord and wire, you can also count on Spotlight for other supplies such as beading and jewellery-making, this includes beads, bead storage boxes, beading tools, jewellery findings and accessories. Our range is suitable for kids and beginners as well as experienced bead crafters, you can find value bead packs as well as pony beads, seed beads and much more. So, if you need beading and jewellery making supplies, look no further than Spotlight. Shop online and get your supplies delivered straight to your door, or visit a Spotlight store near you to check out the range in person. We have a huge range of FREE beading and jewellery making projects for you to try - check them out today.



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