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How To Choose The Right Thread For Beading Or Jewellery-Making Projects?

Choosing the right thread for your project requires a little consideration, as some threads are stronger than others. You also need to consider the overall weight of the thread and how it will affect its look. Plus, your thread must be strong enough to carry the beads you have in mind. Today, we look a little closer at the various types of thread used in beading and the benefits they provide.

What Are The Advantages Of Monofilament Thread?

Monofilament thread is nothing more than an invisible nylon thread, this means the thread stays invisible to the naked eye and does not play a prominent role in the overall design. While you may think that also means this thread is not very strong, you would be wrong. In fact, high-quality types of monofilament thread can be just as strong as fishing line!

When Should Bead Cord Be Used For Beading?

Bead cord has been popular for this craft for centuries. It is a silk cord that allows you to knot anything from pearls to gemstones, so they can be used for quite fancy necklaces and bracelets. The bead cord is also available in nylon, which can be a more affordable alternative. Interestingly, the latter can be used in upholstery projects due to its strength. Crafters will also use the nylon version for bead crochet, which is considered a craft on its own.

What Are The Advantages Of Stretch Elastic Cord?

Stretch elastic cord will only be used for projects that require some stretch, this may include bracelets and necklaces without a clasp, which are pulled over the hands or over the head. To close a piece of jewellery that has been made with stretch cord, all you have to do is tie a knot at the end of the bracelet.

Please note that there are different kinds of stretch elastic cords as well, this includes Stretch Magic and Elonga. Each of these has its own benefits but may require the use of additional tools too. For example, the Elonga needs to be threaded with a needle.

When you choose a stretch elastic cord, you will be able to choose your material in various thicknesses and with different colours. However, no matter which of these you choose, always remember that you should never use a crimping tool on this kind of material.

What Are The Benefits Of Nylon Thread?

You can choose a coloured nylon thread for your beading projects as well. One type that is particularly popular is the so-called Silamide nylon thread. It is available in various colours and is mainly used in bead weaving.

One of the problems with nylon thread is that it could tangle. Manufacturers have found a solution however, this by waxing the thread. If nylon thread tangles are something you encounter regularly, be sure to choose a waxed nylon thread instead.

What Are The Advantages Of Polyester Thread?

You will encounter various types of polyester thread as well. One type we already mentioned, more specifically the monofilament thread with its invisibility and durability benefits. There are more polyester threads available though.

Another polyester thread you can encounter is the braided thread. It is a strong thread that has been waxed to prevent tangling and knotting. This particular thread is also available in two different diameters, giving you a little more freedom where your jewellery design is concerned.

The final polyester thread is the bonded thread. As the name suggests, this thread is made through thermal bonding, which gives the thread benefits such as durability and fray resistance. The thread is also waterproof and does not stretch, which can have more benefits to create certain shapes in jewellery.

Buying The Right Thread From Spotlight

Spotlight offers a large range of thread, wire and cord suitable for jewellery making and beading. We have options in steel, silk, polyester, nylon and all other materials mentioned in this overview.

In addition to thread, cord and wire, you can also count on Spotlight for other supplies such as beading and jewellery-making, this includes beads, tools and accessories. So, if you need more supplies for your beading and jewellery-making projects, be sure to check out the rest of the catalogue on the website.



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