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The Right Supplies For The Job - Beading 1-0-1

Beading is a pretty affordable craft for most, as you do not need that many specialist supplies to get your bead weaving project finished. That being said, you do need the right tools for the job. If you are not familiar with the right tools for beading, we urge you to read through our comprehensive guide below.

Which Pliers Are Used For Beading?

Most crafters will use more than one pair of pliers for beading, as different types can be used for various techniques. And while there are many to choose from, most crafters will only use the flat nose pliers and round nose pliers on a regular basis.

Pliers are used for different things in beading. They can be used to bend wire, but also to hold onto certain beads and place them into a certain position. As you develop your techniques, you will also notice that you prefer one tool over another. But, as a beginner, it is important to get familiar with both these beading pliers.

What Kind Of Scissors Do I Need For Beading?

Most beginners just use a basic pair of kitchen scissors to make their first project, and while there is no urgency to buy some specialist scissors, there are some reasons to do so. Once you become more proficient, you will tackle more complex projects that require specialist tools, and this includes a pair of beading scissors.

Beading scissors can be recognized by their particularly sharp and long tips. They are designed to make precise cuts in difficult to reach areas, which certainly proves useful when your beading project is quite intricate.

Please note that you should never use beading scissors to cut your beading wire on a regular basis. Doing so can damage these scissors rapidly, so you should only use them for more precise tasks. To cut beading wire on a regular basis, you should acquire some wire cutters instead.

Why Do I Need A Beading Mat?

One of the tools that is often forgotten by beginners, often to their frustration once they start their project, is the beading mat. You may wonder why you need a beading mat, because you are not using a craft knife right?

Well, you will need a beading mat for an entirely different reason. Beading mats are specifically designed to stop beads from rolling off a table or a crafting area. Since nothing is more annoying than beads falling on the floor when you are about to execute a tough technique, we cannot urge you enough to get a beading mat early on.

What Are Beading Needles Used For?

Beading needles are tools that are used just as frequently as the pliers and wire cutter we mentioned earlier. They are specifically designed to fit tiny beads, which are then placed upon the wire of your choice.

Please note that some crafters will use sewing needles during their project, as beading needles is another one of those supplies that is often forgotten by beginners. However, it is still recommended to get beading needles. Not only are they very easy to work with, they are designed for a specific type of bead as well.

When you look at the collection at Spotlight, you can find beading needles in various sizes. Ask yourself which sizes you are most likely going to work with, whether it will be seeding beads or something else. Based on the beads you use most often, you can select beading needles that will make your job easier. Just be sure you choose a couple of sizes to ensure you have all the supplies for future projects.

Beading Tools And Other Supplies From Spotlight

Now that you are familiar with the tools you need for beading, you can shop at your leisure by choosing the right tools in the Spotlight catalogue. From specialist pliers to wire cutters and crimping tools, you can easily find it in our range.

In addition to accessories and tools, do not forget that you can also count on Spotlight for beading wire and beads. We have a large selection to choose from, so we are sure you can benefit from our sharp prices on those products too.



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