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Get Into Paint Pouring Today!

With an exciting new paint style available, even those who are not that great at painting traditional art are getting into this new style. After all, you do not need extensive experience as an artist to create something, as you only require a little bit of creativity with colours. Today, we take you on a journey into the world of paint pouring and what it is all about.

What are the benefits of choosing paint pouring over other creative crafts?

If you are still on the fence about paint pouring, let us provide you with some of the best-known benefits of this craft. Afterwards, you can make a more informed decision about starting with this craft or not.

Firstly, paint pouring is suitable for those who have little to no experience whatsoever. As the technique is fairly simple and does not require the use of paintbrushes, anyone can pick up this craft in minimal time.

Secondly, paint pouring does not require expensive supplies compared to regular painting. In fact, paint pouring requires an absolute minimum of supplies, although they can be subject to which technique you use. Still, even if you use advanced techniques you will need far less than for a regular painting.

In addition to this paint pouring being incredibly fun, we must also mention that this is a kind of painting that can be done in minimal time. If you have fondness of painting but never find the time, you can still be passionate about painting through these techniques.

How does it all work?

To start with paint pouring, you will need some acrylic paints, a canvas, and a suitable pouring medium. You should also look for a container, which you can use to create your mixture and pour the paint onto the canvas.

In addition to the acrylic paints, canvas and a container, we do suggest looking into so-called silicone oil. Adding a little bit of silicone oil to the mixture can provide a better result, so can the use of additional tools such as toothpicks and even matchsticks. But, in the end, all these supplies are very affordable and obtainable by everyone.

How do I pour paint?

Now that we have explained the concept of paint pouring, let us get you started on your project. Below, we have listed each of the steps you need to take. Simply read them through and you will be ready to go.

Prep the area: Before you start, we suggest placing your canvas on a big plastic sheet, this will prevent the paint from spilling on the floor. It also avoid paint splashes on your floor. Fortunately, you can always reuse the plastic sheet for your next project, so you only need to obtain one.

While you prep the area, also make sure that your canvas is level on the floor. If the canvas is not level, the paint could go to one area in particular. Even though that could create an interesting effect, it could ruin your project too.

Colour mixing: You can add the colour to the same container and use a pouring medium to pour everything at once. However, if you like a bit more control, we urge you to use individual containers for each of the colours. You should also pick a main colour that will fill most of your canvas and will be applied first.

Please note that you will always add more paint to the container than a medium. When unsure, check the instructions on the pouring medium for the right ratio.

Standing time: Before you start pouring, you should always leave your paint to stand for a little bit. Leave it to stand until all the air bubbles have come to the surface.

Pouring time: Now it is time to pour your paint mixture onto the canvas. Start with your main colour before you add any of the other colours to the canvas. You can also use a plastic cup to apply the paint. Simply put the cup vertically in the middle of the canvas and then pull it up to allow the paint to spread. Once you are done, simply let the paint roll and dry!



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