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Spotlight has every jewellery making supplies to create beautiful pieces from findings to wires and parts. Browse our range online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase Jewellery Findings from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Jewellery making comes together with our fabulous collection of various findings here at Spotlight. Finish off your project perfectly with our selection of fantastic findings, all available now at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices. Shop online or instore today for great deals on everything you need to make your own stunning jewellery.

What are Jewellery Findings?

Jewellery findings are the essential components of jewellery making, and the umbrella term refers to all of the little bits that make up your handmade items. The components that are used to bring structure to your piece, connecting your chosen beads and charms and ensuring correct spacing for a finished and professional look. There are so many different types of findings, and we have each available in a range of metals and colours to coordinate with your project perfectly.

Which of these products would be right for me?

Your choice of finding depends solely on the project that you are making, and it is a matter of personal preference really! With so much choice available, and all at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices, we are certain that you will find the right choice for you amongst this fabulous selection.

See below for more handy hints about choosing the perfect finding for your jewellery making needs:

Bead Cap: A bead cap is a decorative metal finding that is usually placed on the end of beaded jewellery. They are particularly ideal for making beaded bracelets and necklaces or possibly to cap one of the beads for dangly earrings.

Metal rings: Our metal rings are perfect items for creating a bangle or ring. You can use pliers to reshape and resize some of our metal rings, to ensure that they fit your needs.

Spacers: Use spacers to separate you're stringing material or place them between beads for your very own unique design.

Toggles: Toggles are a clever way to finish off any bracelet or necklace. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes, toggles will hold the ends of your project securely in place.

Clasps: Clasps will join the two ends of your product, and we have both lobster and barrel clasps available here at Spotlight. When choosing your clasp, the most important part is to ensure that the clasp is a suitable weight and size for your project,

Crimpers: Crimp beads are used to fasten the end of beading wire, or to secure tour product to another finding, such as a metal ring.

Head/ Eye pins: Both head and eye pins are made from wire and are used to connect two components in a variety of different jewellery projects

Shepherd Hooks: Use our collection of shepherd hooks to create a fabulous pair of earrings. Attach your components to the hook, and make statement earrings that are sure to impress.

How can I use jewellery findings in my project?

Check out our range of jewellery making accessories and products here and create beautifully intricate beaded designs that complement your outfit perfectly. You could even sew seed beaded designs to clothes when upcycling those tired items. From art collages, home decor, handbag or hat making, Spotlight's beads and charms can be used to embellish anything you like. To ensure that items last for longer, you will need the appropriate finding at the end of your beaded string. Jewellery making is a great craft to do with little ones, and your child will adore creating their very own creations, which could make fabulous gifts for family member's birthdays or Christmas.



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