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How Does Metal Stamping Work In Jewellery Making?

Hand stamping or metal stamping is one of the most popular ways to customise jewellery pieces. It is not only used by crafters though, as even jewellers use this technique to personalise certain pieces. Let us take a look at how it all works so you can get started with this technique too.

How Is Metal Stamping Done?

During metal stamping, you will add a personalisation to a piece of metal, this is done with a special metal stamp from our catalogue and a hammer. The stamp is placed on the metal piece that needs to be customised and then hit with the hammer to transfer the customisation of the stamp to the metal.

Please note that it is important to use the right hammer when you do metal stamping. It is not recommended to use a hammer in stainless steel, as this can be too hard and cause damage to the stamp itself. Instead, we suggest a hammer made from another material such as brass.

Is Metal Stamping The Same Thing As Engraving?

While the result can be similar, metal stamping is not the same thing as engraving. Nowadays, engraving is done with a special laser and does not require a lot of manual action.

To engrave a piece of metal, the jewellery will use a special software to upload the design or the word that needs to be engraved on the metal. Once the software is ready, it interacts with the laser and the laser applies the design on the metal.

It does need to be said that not all engraving is done by laser. However, manual engraving is really tricky and requires a fair amount of skill. Only experienced jewellery engravers will attempt to tackle this task.

We must also mention that you can only personalise one side of a piece of metal with metal stamping. When you metal stamp, it could leave an impression on the other side of the metal. In other words, doing this on both sides could distort the result.

Does Metal Stamped Jewellery Look Different Than Engraved Jewellery?

Metal stamped jewellery and engraved jewellery can look very similar upon first glance, but once you look closer you will notice some differences. Laser engraving tends to be more precise and is pretty even overall. Metal stamping on the other hand, can have differences in terms of depth and alignment. Of course, this does mean that each piece has its benefits. Engraved pieces tend to be more formal, while metal stamped jewellery has a more vintage and casual feel. That being said, the vintage look does mean you could use it for more formal events as well.

Don't I Need Considerable Skill Before I Attempt Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping may seem a little tricky, but it is a lot simpler than engraving. In fact, most people can do metal stamping, just as long as you have good eye-hand coordination.

When you do metal stamping for the first time, it is not unusual to need some practice. Much like any craft, practice makes perfect. But, as soon as you have done metal stamping for some time, you will notice that it becomes a lot easier and more straightforward. So, always start with something simpler and then take it up a notch with more complicated designs.

Metal Stamping And Jewellery Supplies Currently Available At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can find a large collection of tools and metal stamps, which you can use for hand-stamping and personalising your pieces of jewellery. We have blank metal pieces that can be used for the customisation, but also individual letter stamps, stamp blocks, and even bending pliers. In short, everything you need to customise your pieces from start to finish.

In addition to our metal stamping range, you can also count on Spotlight for other jewellery making supplies. We provide all supplies needed for elegant pieces of jewellery, from jewellery wire to threads, beads and gemstones.

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