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Create Unique Metal Jewellery With Metal Stamping Supplies From Spotlight

Hand stamping or metal stamping is one of the most popular ways to customise jewellery pieces. It is not just used by crafters though, either - professional jewellers use this technique to personalise certain pieces or add a hallmark to their creations. At Spotlight, you can find metal stamps, tools, accessories and all the essential supplies you need to explore this fun technique. Our range includes metal blanks in a range of shapes and sizes - perfect for creating charm bracelets, necklaces, luggage tags, pet tags, personalised key chains and more!

What Is Metal Stamping, And Is It The Same As Engraving?

Metal stamping is the addition of a small letter, number or shape to a piece of metal, using a special stamp and a hammer. The stamp is placed on the metal piece that needs to be customised and then hit with the hammer to transfer the customisation of the stamp to the metal. Though stamped metal can look similar to engraved metal, these two techniques are quite different. Engraving involves the removal of material from the metal's surface to create letting or patterns, and is achieved with either a specialised laser or hand engraving tools. While anyone can jump straight into metal stamping, engraving metal is an art form that takes years of training and is generally only undertaken by experienced jewellery makers.

Metal Stamping FAQs

What supplies do I need to start metal stamping?

To start metal stamping, you will need:

  • Metal blanks: "Blanks" are pre-cut metal shapes upon which you will create your stamped designs. You can find a variety of shapes and designs in Spotlight's range to create your own unique accessories.
  • Metal stamps: Spotlight's basic stamping kit includes a selection of letter stamps to spell out all your personalised messages.
  • Stamping hammer: Use a specialised hammer from the metal stamping range to create your designs. They are ergonomically designed for ease of stamping, and are made from either a soft steel or brass for the best results. Don't be tempted to use a regular steel hammer as this can damage your stamps.
  • Steel block: A steel block is an essential piece of equipment needed to rest your blanks on and create enough resistance to stamp into the metal. Our steel blocks feature a rubber base so will also protect your desk or table surface from the exertion applied to the blank and the stamp when creating your designs.

Can I stamp any kind of metal?

The blanks in Spotlight's metal stamping range are specially designed from aluminium in the correct gauge for stamping. Aluminium is soft enough to accommodate stamped impressions and create clear lettering designs. It's also resistant to tarnishing from oxidisation from the air. Other metals like copper or brass would need to be annealed (softened) using high temperatures from a jeweller's blowtorch before stamping - it's best and easiest to stick to the blanks available in the metal stamping range. Never use your stamps on steel or hard alloys as they will permanently damage your stamps.

Metal stamping tips & tricks

  • Always use a compatible hammer with your metal blanks and stamps.
  • Use compatible blanks from the metal stamping range for best results.
  • Try a test piece or two to get a hang of the technique before you embark on your final creations.
  • Use a permanent fineliner marker to create guidelines on your blank to ensure your lettering is neat and even. The marker can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol once your stamping is complete. You can also purchase special stamp stickers to create the guidelines you need for curved lines, straight lines or even mandala patterns.
  • Enhance your designs using a special stamp enamel marker to highlight your stamped impressions and make them pop!

What Other Jewellery Making Materials Can I Find At Spotlight?

Stamped metal blanks can be added to just about any piece of jewellery you care to make. At Spotlight, you can find a massive selection of jewellery-making supplies in our beads & jewellery range, including:

  • Jewellery Findings: Discover jump rings, clasps, earring hooks, clasps and more to create any design you desire!
  • Bead Packs & Strands: Elevate your metal stamp designs with seed beads, glass beads, wooden beads, shell beads and much more.
  • Pendants & Charms: Accentuate your metal stamping with chains, charms and pendants to create a truly unique look.
  • Bead Thread, Cord & Stringing: Explore clear threads, leather thonging, stringing elastic and metallic wires to create necklaces and bracelets with your stamped metal pieces.

Shop Metal Stamping & Jewellery Supplies At Spotlight

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