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When you have a lot of beading supplies, it can be tough to find things in your hobby room or craft area. So shop Spotlight's bead storage boxes now!

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Top Tips To Keep Your Beading Supplies Organised

When you tackle various beading projects on a regular basis, you may find it difficult to find the beads you need immediately. After all, you could have loads of beads all in different locations and places. Fortunately, there are some convenient tips and tricks to keep it all organised. Once you have obtained some of our beading storage solutions, be sure to read through these helpful tips too!

Should I Arrange By Colour Or Size?

It really depends on the number of beads you have. When you just start out beading, you can sort beads according to size and keep each size in a separate container. However, once your collection starts growing, you will find it increasingly more difficult to keep them organised in this manner. If your collection is large enough, you can organise them by size and colour.

Organising beads by size and colour could cause you to be left with an astronomical number of jars and little storage pots, which is definitely not a good organisation system. To counter this, you can place all containers of the same bead size in a larger container, making it much easier to locate the bead size you want and you can easily look for the colour once you have located the right container.

How Do I Find Beads Easier When I Have Loads Of Them?

If you have about four containers just filled with smaller containers of small beads for example, the search can become more difficult again. This is why it is important to label absolutely everything. When you add a label to each individual container, make sure you label them according to how they are stored. If the containers are stored in a larger container, then you should put the label on the lid for easier reference.

How Do I Store Bead Strands?

The storage of bead strands is a little different than that of individual beads. That being said, there are still specialist solutions available for bead strands, more specifically in the form of storage tubes.

Storage tubes are ideal for bead strands as they prevent them from getting tangled up in a larger container. In addition to that, most bead tubes come with a special lid on top, which can be hung like a clothes hanger. So, it is not uncommon for crafters to have a couple of rails in their hobby room and hang these tubes up on them.

When you purchase storage tubes to store all your bead strands, always make sure you choose some clear storage tubes. By doing so you can easily see what is stored in there upon first glance. If you require more details due to various bead materials you might be using, be sure to add a label too.

How Do I Store My Beading Tools?

This once again depends on the space you have available. If you have a dedicated hobby room for beading, you can mount some tool holders on the wall above your workspace, this gives you instant and easy access to the tools you need and requires less clean-up afterwards. If you do not have the space for tool holders, you can also get some clear containers from Spotlight.

Crafters who have almost as many tools as they have different kinds of beads should also organise their tools according to type. For example, you can put all the tools for soldering in the same clear storage box, while you keep all your hand tools in another. Just be sure to label each of the boxes on the lid or on the side for easier reference. Please note, if you store your clear storage boxes in a stacked fashion, always label them on the side so you don't have to move any boxes to see the contents.

Beading Storage Solutions At Spotlight

Spotlight provides all kinds of beading solutions to crafters, this includes drawer storage units where you can store each type of bead, but also jewellery display cards where you can display some of the pieces you made. Also, be sure to have a look at our clear storage boxes and drawer inserts, which can be really useful for supplies such as tools and metal wire.



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