Do you love to make your own pieces of jewellery, but need some inspiration for some new and exciting designs? Look no further than the Ribtex brand at Spotlight, which offers some amazing jewellery-making charms, layered necklaces, and other intricate products you could use during your projects. Since Ribtex offers some of the latest designs for jewellery-making, we find that our Ribtex range is most suitable to create some modern and contemporary jewellery pieces. So, anyone who is ready to take their jewellery-making skills to the next level, should certainly acquire some supplies from the affordable Ribtex collection at Spotlight.

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Create Eye-Catching Jewellery and Crafts With Ribtex At Spotlight

Ribtex jewellery-making supplies are perfect for crafters of any experience, from absolute beginners to jewellery-making experts! At Spotlight we've got an extensive range of Ribtex jewellery stringing, resin, charms, clasps and other accessories for you to choose from, in handy multi-packs that ensure you've always got plenty to work with.

What You Can Find In The Ribtex Range

Ribtex offers a huge range of jewellery-making supplies, including:

  • UV resin: This amazing compound can be applied as a thick liquid and will dry hard under UV light. It's ideal for making unique jewellery pendants in amazing colours with textured fillings.
  • Epoxy resin: This resin needs to be mixed in two parts to harden. It's very hard and creates durable pieces.
  • Moulds: Ribtex offers a great range of quality silicone moulds in all sorts of shapes that you can use to create resin jewellery.
  • Clasps and jump rings: These handy jewellery fittings allow you to add sections and tie bracelets and necklaces together.
  • Cord, twine and string: The base of your necklace or bracelet will need to be made of a sturdy length of string, twine or cord.
  • Ribbons and beads: These little decor accessories can be used to add colour and texture to your jewellery.

Ribtex FAQ

What is Ribtex?

Ribtex has been selling to the Australasian wholesale market for over 15 years, and is proud to offer thousands of different embellishments, ribbons, beads, clasps, tassels and gift boxes.

How do I use Ribtex UV resin?

To use Ribtex UV resin, pour the prepared resin into a mould along with any desired extras like flower petals, gold leaf or glitter. Slide the mould under a UV light, where it will cure in as little as 3 minutes!

How do I stop my bracelets from breaking?

A good way to prevent a bracelet from breaking is to make it from a stretchy material, like elastic. You can also use multiple pieces of string or thread for a stronger base. You should also avoid using crimp clasps on elastic bracelets, as they can wear through the elastic.

What Else Can I Find in the Art and Craft Category At Spotlight?

You can find a huge range of quality crafting supplies at Spotlight, including:

  • Jewellery beads: We have an amazing range of beads that are perfect for creating jewellery with, sewing onto garments or using in craft projects. Choose your preferred colour, shape and size and create all sorts of amazing beaded jewellery!
  • Papercraft: Whether it's card making, origami or scrapbooking that's your thing, you can find the paper and papercraft supplies for it here.
  • Art and craft storage: Keep all your craft and art supplies neat and tidy with our handy range of art and craft storage. This range includes trolleys, drawers, rubs, boxes, bags and other handy storage containers.

Browse the full range of art and craft supplies online for any other bits and bobs you need for your jewellery-making projects.

Find The Right Ribtex Supplies At Spotlight

Ready to start shopping for Ribtex jewellery making supplies? Buy online and we'll deliver your bead jewellery making supplies straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to do your Ribtex shopping in person! Make sure you read our beads and jewellery buying guide to make sure you're buying the right jewellery making supplies for your needs. And for some jewellery making inspiration, check out our blogs on making friendship bracelets, polymer modelling clay and making pottery for beginners.



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