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Attaching Charms For Beginners

Attaching charms and pendants to jewellery is quite straightforward, but it can appear daunting to beginners. If you are new to jewellery making and want to ensure that your charms stay in the right place once you are done with your creation, why not go through our guide and pick up some new techniques?

How Do I Attach My Charms With A Jump Ring?

Now that you have ordered your charms from our catalogue, how do you use a jump ring to add each of the charms to the bracelet? To start, you will need a pair of pliers in each hand. Ideally, you want to use a pair of pliers with a thinner nose, this may include chain nose pliers.

Grab the jump ring with the pliers and make sure the opening to the ring is on the top. Use the pair of pliers in the other hand to grab the other side of the ring. Now, move one plier away from you and one towards you. Never pull a jump ring apart, as this could pull the jump ring apart or damage it considerably.

When you pull the jump ring apart, you only need a small amount of space. You simply need a gap that is big enough to add the charm to the ring. Once you have slipped the charm on, you can close the jump ring by pulling the ends in the opposite direction you did before.

How Do I Attach My Charms With A Split Ring?

Most charms arrive with a jump ring attached to them from the manufacturer. Before you can use a split ring to add the charms to a bracelet, you must remove the jump ring first. You can remove the jump ring by using the method we described above. Only this time, you slip the charm off the jump ring.

When the jump ring is removed, slightly open the split ring by using your nails. Once again, do not pull apart as this can damage the split ring considerably. Once you have the split ring open, pull the charm over until it reaches the end. When this is done, you will need to thread the link of the bracelet over it.

Aren't There Different Kinds Of Jump Rings?

Yes, there are. Jump rings are extremely popular, so there are some variations you can find in shops these days. However, most variations can be divided into two categories: open jump rings and closed jump rings.

Open jump rings: The open jump ring is a circular closing that has a narrow cut. This cut allows jewellery makers to open the jump ring easy with pliers and attach charms to it. This type of jump ring can be closed again with pliers, as we explained earlier.

Closed jump rings: Since closed jump rings do not have any opening, it is not possible to pull them apart or close them with some pliers. However, these kinds of jump rings are still used in jewellery a lot, as they are preferred by jewellery makers who like to solder their designs.

How Do I Solder Jump Rings?

If you decide to use the closed jump rings, you must get familiar with the soldering process. You can also use this technique for open jump rings, as they can provide a sturdier method to attach charms once they are closed.

Before you start soldering, always make sure that the ring is closed completely. Then, add some of your preferred solder paste to the joint where heat will be applied. Then, heat the area up until the gap is closed.

When you remove the jump ring away from the heat source, always make sure that you leave the jump ring is a safe solution. Not doing so could cause discolouration of the material or the material might lose its shape.

The Selection Of Charms And Pendants At Spotlight

Spotlight has an incredible collection of charms and pendants, each with their own unique design and made from various materials. Given the diversity of charms and pendants in our range, you will have little problem finding pendants and charms that fit your taste and your requirements.

Before you leave Spotlight after purchasing your charms, do not forget to look at the other jewellery-making supplies in our catalogue. Since we offer everything at the sharpest prices, you will find some great deals in the other section too.



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