Jumbo Filled Easter Egg Project




  • 800g 'Robert's' Melting Buttons Dark, Milk or White
  • 'Robert's' Chocolate Transfer Sheet - Mini Polkadot Rose Pink & Cherry Blossom
  • 150g 'Robert's' Fondant Creme - Strawberry
  • 2-3 drops 'Robert's' Flavoured Oil - Peppermint


  • 'Robert's' Jumbo Easter Egg Mould #10
  • 'Robert's' Sculpting Tool #3
  • Flat Tray lined with baking paper
  • 'Robert's' Chocolate Templates - Circle and Square & Rectangle
  • 'Robert's' Icing and Chocolate Smoother
  • 'Robert's' Chocolate Truffles Mould #21
  • 'Robert's' Piping Bag 14"
  • 'Robert's' Eye Droppers
  • 'Robert's' Extra Small Easter Egg Mould #7
  • Optional - 'Robert's' Foil Wrapping


2 open egg halves filled with strawberry soft centered chocolates and peppermint flavoured Easter Eggs.


Jumbo Easter Egg Shells - Refer to the Mould #10 packaging for detailed instructions of how to create the chocolate shells.

Chocolate Decorations - These chocolate decorations are so impressive and easy to make. They are perfect for decorating chocolates, cupcakes, cakes, desserts and more. For this recipe you will need approximately 150g of melted buttons. Refer to the Chocolate Template packaging for detailed instructions of how to create the chocolate decorations.

Soft Centered Chocolates - For this recipe you will need approximately 200g of melted buttons. Fill each cavity of Mould #21 with melted buttons. When the chocolate begins to set around the outside edge and forms a 2 - 3 mm shell, tip the mould upside down over a sheet of baking paper to remove excess chocolate. Clean around the edge of each shell using Sculpting Tool #3. Place the mould into the fridge for approximately 15 minutes to set. Pipe a small amount of Fondant Creme filling into each chocolate shell filling two thirds full. Top with melted buttons and refrigerate until set. Remove the chocolates from the mould and attach a chocolate decoration using a small amount of melted buttons.

Easter Eggs- Flavour 150g melted buttons with drops of Peppermint Oil. Fill each cavity of Mould #7 with melted buttons, then tap the mould on the bench to remove any air bubbles. Place the mould into the fridge to set for approximately 20 minutes.

Remove the eggs from the mould then rub the flat edge of one egg half on a warm tray lined with baking paper. Place the other half of the egg on top, gently press the two halves together and leave to set.

Note - 'Robert's' Flavoured Oils are highly concentrated. You will need drops, not a spoonful! Optional - Wrap each Jumbo Egg shell in coloured Foil Wrapping before filling.

Assemble - Fill each Jumbo Egg shell with mini Easter Eggs and Soft Centered Chocolates.

Variations - 'Robert's' Toffee D'Or Caramel, Nutella, Nut Butters and Chocolate Ganache either plain or flavoured with Roberts Flavoured Oils are delicious Easter Egg fillings too.



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