Easter Bonnet Making Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • A range of Larger Happy Easter decorating pieces
  • Your Choice of Happy Easter Hat Base
  • A range of smaller Happy Easter Decorating pieces- fun filler items.
  • Your choice of Ribtex Easter Ribbon
  • Hot Glue gun and Glue sticks


Easter Bonnet Decorating is a great way to express your creativity where a 'more the merrier' design is a great approach! Here are a few tips on to balance a bonnet, to create organized chaos!

Step 1- Prep your work station with a selection of your favourite larger decorating pieces and your hat base, for an example, we used the Happy Easter Felt Fence Hat Trim White, Happy Easter Faux Grass Pick Eggs & Bunny 6 Pack, Happy Easter Deco Accessory Kit Multicoloured, and the Happy Easter DIY Felt Top Hat Green.

Play around with positioning, starting with your focal pieces on the top of your hat. Consider the visual weight of your pieces, do you want symmetry? Height in the center? A sequence of colour or pattern?

When you are happy with placement, use your hot glue to glue into place.

Step 2- Once you have applied your larger trims and decorations, you can now use your smaller pieces to fill any gaps, and add texture, and fun!

Our bonnet displays a garden theme, so we have used Happy Easter 3.7m Pastel Bud Wire, Happy Easter Resin Lady Bug Stickers, and the smaller items out of our Happy Easter Deco Accessory Kit Multicoloured.

Play around with the position of your smaller items, consider if you would like to bunch a few pieces together, perhaps you would like to mirror accessories on one side of the hat to the other. Try spreading out your decorations to avoid any empty patches, as this will look unbalanced.

When you are happy with placement, use your hot glue to glue into place.

Step 3- Once your bonnet is looking full, it is time to attach your ribbon. Measure two lengths of your Ribtex Easter Ribbon, and hot glue one end to the inside of your bonnet near where your ear would sit. Repeat for second ribbon length.

Your bonnet is now complete!



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