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What Is the correct Size of Bed Linen for Your Bed

What Is the correct Size of Bed Linen for Your Bed?

When you go shopping for bed linen for the first time, you may notice that there are a variety of sizes available nowadays. A couple of years ago, single and double sized linen were the most common sized. However, king single, queen size and king size have also become popular over the past ten years. If you are wondering what size bed linen you need for your bed, please refer to the information below.

Single Bed Linen

Single bedding is the smallest option where bedding is concerned. Single bedding tends to be most popular with children, considering the fact that most adults have at least a double bed.
When you purchase bed linen for a single bed, it is important to realise that sizes vary according to the type of bed linen you purchase. For example, the size of a fitted sheet is going to be different from the size of a flat sheet and duvet cover.

A single bed measures exactly 91 cm x 191 cm. For a single bed, you will need a fitted sheet measuring 91 x 193 + 40 cm, a flat sheet measuring 180 x 254 cm and a duvet cover measuring 140 x 210 cm.

Most of the time it is not necessary to look for specific measurements in the shop, considering most retailers will have single, double, queen, single king or king size clearly displayed on the product description page. However, if you want to be 100% sure, you can always compare these measurements.

King Single Bedding

The king single can be described as a single bed, although the king single is a little bigger. The average king single bed measures approximately 106 cm x 203 cm. The king single is a great option for teens, since it provides a little more space than a standard single.

When you need fitted sheets for a king single bed, you will need a sheet that measures 107 x 203 + cm. For flat sheets, you will need to look for fitted sheets measuring 200 x 270 cm. For duvet covers, a minimum size of 160 x 210 cm is recommended.

Double Bedding

Double beds are the most popular choice for couples. Double beds tend to be more affordable than queen or king size beds, but still provide the necessary space to sleep comfortably. Most double beds will have a size of 137 x 191 cm.

Fitted sheets for double beds tend to be a little bigger than the bed itself; this to ensure that the sheet stays on properly. If you need fitted sheets for a double bed, you should choose fitted sheets measuring 137 x 193 + 40 cm. Flat sheets will measure 228 x 254 cm and duvet covers 180 x 210 cm.

Queen Size Bedding

The queen size bed is a little larger than the average double bed, subsequently providing any couple a lot more space to sleep. However, queen size bedding can be a little more expensive than double bed bedding, given the fact that manufacturers need to use a lot more material to get sheets made.

Fitted sheets for queen size beds will measure 152 x 203 + 40 cm, while flat sheets will measure approximately 245 x 274 cm. When you need duvet covers for your queen size bed as well, you will need to look for duvet covers measuring 210 x 210 cm.

King Size Bedding

The king size bed is one of the largest beds on the market and provides consumers with a tremendous amount of space.  That being said, king size bed sheets tend to be the most expensive bed sheets out there, considering the fact that a lot of material is used in the creation of each sheet. However, consumers can compensate for this by choosing more cost-effective materials such as synthetic fibres.

Fitted sheets for king size bed will measure 182 x 203 + 40 cm, while flat sheets will measure 260 x 274 cm. Duvet covers for king size beds are also larger than most bedding options and measure 245 x 210 cm.

International Sizes

Please note that bed linen sizes can vary across the world. Many people who obtain bedding online from Europe, North America or China, are often surprised that their bed linen does not fit their bed. This is because bed sizes vary across the globe. For example, a king size bed in Europe measures 160 cm x 200 cm, while king size beds in Australia measure 183 x 203 cm.

In order to get the right bed linen for your bed, it is recommended to obtain your bedding from an Australian supplier. Not only will you get sheets with the right measurements, you do not have to pay the international shipping most foreign companies charge.

Pillow Sizes

Anyone who has been searching for new pillows in the past is aware of the fact that pillows can come in various sizes as well. Knowing the size of your pillows is essential, especially when you need to buy some pillow slip covers as well.

The standard pillow size in Australia is 50 cm x 75 cm, although the European square pillow is also a good option and measures 65 cm x 65 cm. If you have a king size bed you can also go for dedicated king size bed pillows, which measure 50 cm x 90 cm.

Most stores will also provide beautiful pillows for decorating purposes. Some people like to add some decorative pillows on top of their bed, simply because it makes their bedroom look cosier. Decorative pillows usually come in rectangular or square shapes and can measure 40 cm x 60 cm or 50 cm x 50 cm.

Please note that pillow sizes may vary according to the country you obtain your pillows from. For example, if you obtain pillows from China or Europe, they will not be as suitable as Australian pillows. For that reason, it is best to get Australian pillows for your bed.

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