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Discover Beautiful Bedding With Linen House

Creating a stunning bedroom is easy with help of Linen House, one of Spotlight's favourite bedding and bed linen brands! Linen House quilt covers, bed sheet sets and pillowcases all bring incredible colours, patterns and textures to the bedroom, and are perfect if you need a bedding refresh or just want to treat yourself.

What is The Linen House Story?

Linen House began in 1993, and has been proudly Australian-owned by the original family for its entire existence. Linen House bedding is made by manufacturers from countries like India, Pakistan and China, with many of these being fellow family businesses that they are proud to grow alongside. But even after all this international development, the majority of Linen House designs are still made at home in Melbourne.

Today Linen House has launched brick-and-mortar outlet stores across Australia, and collaborates with well-known artists and creators, both local and international, to create its beautiful bedding designs.

Linen House FAQ

What is a European pillow?

Rather than the standard bed pillow which is rectangular, a European pillow is square and used more for decoration than sleeping on. They can be helpful for sitting up in bed, as they are a great size for placing behind your lower back, neck or even on your lap.

What thread count are Linen House sheets?

When it comes to sheets and thread count, a good number to look for will sit between 200 and 400. Linen House sheets have a thread count of 375, putting them at the higher end of this ranking and indicating a soft and smooth sheet.

Why do I need Linen House quilt covers?

While you can get by sleeping with a plain quilt, adding a quilt cover has many benefits you really shouldn't try to do without! Linen House quilt covers will protect your quilt from dirt, oils, liquids and even pests, extending the life of your quilt and meaning you don't need to wash it nearly as much. Linen House doona covers also add a soft, smooth surface that is more comfortable against your body than the sectioned surface of a bare quilt. Finally, the colours and patterns available in Linen House quilt covers are stunning, and are sure to elevate the look of your bedroom!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We've got more than just Linen House at Spotlight! Add to your collections from any of these categories:

  • Bathroom towels - from non-slip bath mats to luxurious bath sheets, find all the bathroom linens you could want here, in many beautiful colours and styles.
  • Sheet sets - a complete sheet set makes creating a stylish bedroom easy! Choose from cotton, bamboo/cotton, polyester and linen materials for your sheets.
  • Quilt covers - protect your quilts while also adding some style to your bed with the right quilt cover. Look for a quilt cover set if you want matching pillowcases!

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Find the right Linen House bedding at Spotlight

Create your own personal bedroom retreat with some Linen House doona covers and sheet sets! Shop online and have your Linen House order home delivered, or head to your nearest Spotlight store and our team will help you find the right Linen House bedding for your needs. Read our bed linen buying guide for more information on choosing the right bedding, and don't forget to browse our decorate blog for beautiful bedroom inspiration and ideas!



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