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Rest Your Head On Dunlopillo and Get a Comfortable Night's Sleep

Sleep in luxurious comfort with the help of Dunlopillo pillows! Dunlopillo pillows are known for their squishy insides, head and neck support and specific features to suit all kinds of sleepers - whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back, there will be a Dunlopillow for you here at Spotlight!

Why Choose Dunlopillo?

The Dunlopillo brand is famous for its innovations in latex foam, which it patented in 1929 and began using for seating in trains and trolleys. Since then Dunlopillo has continued to innovate its mattresses and pillows, using both natural latex and memory foam to create outstanding materials for you to sleep on every night.

Dunlopillo sources its natural latex from sustainable plantations across the world so you can rest easy knowing the materials used to make your pillow have been collected in a way that doesn't harm our environment.

Dunlopillo FAQs

Are Dunlopillo latex pillows good to sleep on?

If you want a pillow with long-lasting support for your head and neck, a latex pillow is one you should try! The Dunlopillo luxurious latex pillows are durable and will hold their shape for many years. Latex pillows will also naturally discourage the growth of mould and bacteria, as well as create an uncomfortable environment for dust mites.

I am allergic to latex! What Dunlopillo pillows can I use?

Most latex allergies are contact-based, so if you've looked into the benefits of a latex pillow and still really want to sleep on one, you can! Dunlopillo latex pillows are encased in a cotton/polyester cover, so no part of your body should be coming into contact with the latex.

You can also choose to sleep on a memory foam pillow from Dunlopillo instead if you are really worried. Memory foam has similar properties to latex, although many people find memory foam to be firmer and denser-feeling than latex.

How do I wash my Dunlopillo pillows?

A Dunlopillo latex pillow can be hand-washed in warm water using a mild detergent and then thoroughly rinsed in cold water. A Dunlopillo memory foam pillow can only be spot-cleaned by sponging the soiled area.

In both cases, their pillow covers can be washed in your washing machine on a warm, gentle cycle.

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Find The Right Dunlopillo Pillows At Spotlight

Sleep soundly with some Dunlopillo pillows from Spotlight! Shop the range online and get your Dunlopillo pillows home delivered, or head to your nearest Spotlight store to choose your pillows in person. Need a little more info on choosing a pillow to sleep on? Read our pillows buying guide, and don't forget to browse our decorate blog for amazing bedroom styling ideas!



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