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If you are looking for soft, durable towels and bed linen that are also stylish, Dri Glo is the brand you have been looking for! Always on top of current style trends while somehow remaining timeless, Dri Glo manchester is available in a huge range of colours, patterns and textures to suit your current bedroom and bathroom decor. Spotlight is delighted to offer you a variety of Dri Glo sheets, towels and quilt cover sets, all competitively priced so anyone can enjoy the premium look and feel of Dri Glo linens.

Why Choose Dri Glo?

Dri Glo first began crafting towels in 1930 in Yarraville, Victoria. Since then Dri Glo has expanded across the home, providing beautiful linens for the bedroom and bathroom that are not only trendy but ethically created as well. Dri Glo is committed to using sustainable materials and production practices in its products, as well as committing to creating 100% recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Dri Glo FAQs

How do I wash my Dri Glo towels?

If your Dri Glo towels feature bold colours, wash them in cooler water. White and pale-coloured towels can be washed in hot water. In both cases, wash the towels on their own and do not mix them with clothes. Do not add fabric softener - instead, immediately shake towels out and line dry in indirect sun to help them dry and freshen up. White towels can be hung in direct sunlight, but avoid hanging coloured towels this way or their colours can fade.

What comes in Dri Glo sheet sets?

A Dri Glo sheets set will usually come with one fitted sheet, one top sheet and two matching pillowcases, all in a singular colour. Choose from king or queen sizes to suit your bed, and make sure to wash first and account for some slight shrinkage after the first wash.

What comes with a Dri Glo quilt cover set?

A Dri Glo quilt cover set will include one double, queen or king-sized quilt cover, plus two matching pillowcases. Most are made from cotton, making them quick and easy to wash in the washing machine when needed.

What Else Can I Find For My Bedroom and Bathroom At Spotlight?

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  • Bathroom towels - find face washers, hand towels, bath mats, bath towels and bath sheets here, both individual and in stylish matching sets.
  • Quilt covers - our quilt covers can be used to make your bed a focal point or just to enhance the overall design of your bedroom. Choose from a staggering range of patterns, colours and textures to create the bedroom of your dreams!
  • Sheet sets - the right sheet set can make all the difference when trying to sleep on a cold or hot night! Choose from bamboo/cotton, cotton, polyester and other popular sheet materials for your set, as well as many beautiful colours and understated patterns.

Browse our full range of bedding online at Spotlight and find something you'll love!

Find the right Dri Glo Bed Linen and Towels at Spotlight

Enjoy soft bed sheets, luxe quilt covers and quality towels from Dri Glo at Spotlight! Make your order online and have it home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to make your purchases in person. For a little assistance in buying the right products, check out our buying guides for bed linen and bathroom towels. For decor inspiration for your home, read our fabulous decorate blog!



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