How to create a summer look with sheer curtains

How to create a summer look with sheer curtains

Summer is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for long, lazy days and breezy warm nights. Your curtains are the midway point between your home and the warmth and light of the Australian outdoors, so your curtain of choice is very important for keeping your living space comfortable for you and your family.

Sheer curtains are key to allowing the best parts of summer into your home, and at Spotlight, our fantastic range of sheer curtains ensures you'll be able to find a set in your favourite style to suit your needs.

There are many ways to style sheer curtains in your home - let us walk you through some of our favourites, as well as why sheer curtains can suit any room!

Why use sheer curtains in summer?

Sheer curtains work well in homes and apartments year-round, but they particularly shine in summer. If you enjoy the benefits of natural light in your home, sheer curtains are the best way to let it in without compromising on your privacy.

Sheer curtains are usually made from materials like cotton or polyester and are specially created to allow light to diffuse through them into your home. When the light source is coming from outside, sheer curtains will block sight from the same place, meaning people cannot see through your sheer curtains when it is daytime. This allows you to enjoy the longer days of summer while also maintaining your privacy!

Sheer curtains can provide some protection from UV rays. They allow you to enjoy the warmth and brightness of sunlight without fear of your furniture and home décor being damaged or fading from UV exposure. If you have precious art or wooden furniture near windows, sheer curtains will help keep them protected!

How to style sheer curtains

Because of their muted colours and tasteful style, sheer curtains can be successfully paired with almost any other window furnishing.

Need some advice on how to hang and style sheer curtains? Check out our tips below!

Style them with blockout curtains

One of the most popular ways to style sheer curtains is to hang them with a pair of blockout curtains or even blockout blinds. This allows you to switch from the softness of sheer curtains providing privacy during the day to complete privacy once it gets dark.

Curtains can be hung on a double rod set or track, either wall or ceiling-mounted. Ceiling-mounted curtains give the illusion of a larger room. Choose a colour that compliments your home - style your curtains and blinds to your quilt cover, lounge set or rug to create a cohesive look.

Summer sheer curtains

Style them with a roller blind

Roller blinds are very effective at blocking out sunlight if installed correctly, and combining them with some sheer curtains will not only give you flexibility with your natural lighting but also create a mixture of textures that will create a stylish layered effect.

Be sure to hang your blind in the recess of your window, as the closer it is to the glass, the better its light-blocking ability will be.

Style them with venetian blinds

The timeless design of venetian blinds makes them a favourite for many homes, but when open they don't offer a lot of privacy - combining them with sheer curtains solves this problem! Like with roller blinds, hang your venetians as close to the window glass as possible so they can block out the maximum amount of light.

Make sure there is enough of a gap between your blinds and sheers that the slats of your venetians aren't scraping against your sheers whenever you open or close them, as they can cause your sheers to fray or even tear over time.

Style them as a window scarf

Sheer curtain fabric can be hung as a window scarf, which is sometimes also known as a scarf valance. Rather than acting as a privacy curtain, a sheer window scarf is a stylish way to dress up a window that would otherwise not be suited for full curtains or blinds, like a small window in a bathroom or kitchen.

Sheer window scarves can simply be draped over a curtain rod, or you can style them using traditional curtain accessories like hooks and tiebacks.

Sheer kitchen café curtains

Style them around the home

Sheer curtains can be used all around your house, and in more ways than one! Their breezy transparent design and floaty fabric mean sheer curtains are a great way to create a summery vibe throughout your home. Try using them:

  • As room dividers. Sheer curtains can be used to gently divide space in rooms like bedrooms, creating pockets of privacy where they are needed, or used to divide large lounge rooms into sections. Tied-back sheer curtains can also be hung in doorways to frame them and create an elegant look between rooms.
  • Around a poster bed. You'll feel like royalty, and it also creates a privacy barrier while you sleep! If you have problems with insects, drawing your sheer curtains before you sleep can help keep pests from bothering you at night.
How to style sheer curtains

Style your sheer curtain accessories

Complete your summer look with the right sheet curtain accessories. Your curtain rod, tracks, tiebacks and other additions can be styled to suit your curtains and the room they are in. For an airy summer style, choose curtain accessories in cool colours that won't take away from the light colour and texture of your sheers.

Find the perfect summer curtains at Spotlight

At Spotlight we're proud to offer you a huge range of quality sheer curtains and curtain accessories, as well as a wealth of knowledge on how to choose and install them.

You can see our entire range of sheer curtains online, or head into your local Spotlight store and let our helpful staff assist you in finding the perfect sheer curtains for your home.

Want to know more about curtains? Check out our decorate blog for heaps of helpful articles on topics like layering curtains and mistakes to avoid. And don't forget to check out our handy guide on how to hang curtains yourself at home!




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