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How to Choose the Perfect Sheer Curtains for Your Home? Find Out with Spotlight's Sheer Curtain Guide!

Sheer curtains have been used in many Australian homes over the years. These curtains provide homeowners with as much privacy as required, and they also look amazing. But how do you choose the best sheer curtains for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom? Find out with the useful guide at Spotlight.

What Materials Are Used for Sheer Curtains and Do They Have an Impact on Sheer Curtain Selection?

Contrary to popular belief, sheer curtains can be made from a large variety of materials. These materials can influence the look of your curtains, so it is certainly important to be familiar with each of them. Below, we have listed the most common materials as well as the effect they have on the look of sheer curtains.

The first material you can expect to find in sheer curtains is cotton - this type of material enables manufacturers to create sheer curtains with fine texture. It also makes sheer curtains look a lot more sophisticated, making them suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

Australians who want to save some money on sheer curtains could consider a material such as polyester. Sheer curtains made from polyester might not have the same effect as cotton ones, but they are still glamorous. Polyester sheer curtains are also affordable an easy to maintain - this combination of benefits is reason enough to consider the material for your curtains.

One of the pricier options on the market is a sheer curtain made from lace. Since most lace materials are handmade, you can count on finer detail. Anyone who loves traditional styles could benefit from having some lace sheer curtains in the home. Of course, there are some modern lace options too if you prefer to keep your home contemporary or a little trendier.

Finally, Australians could consider sheer curtains made from silk. A material such as silk has many benefits for curtains, since it can provide effects that are both soft and metallic. Silk sheer curtains are a little more expensive than most curtains made from other materials, but the glamorous effect is certainly worth it.

How Should I Use Sheer Curtains in My Home?

There are many applications for sheer curtains, which are not limited to the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Other places where you can use sheer curtains in may include hallways, entryways, and stairwells.

When you use sheer curtains in one of the main living areas in the home, we do suggest pairing them up with a heavier pair of block-out curtains. Most sheer curtains will provide you with additional privacy, while still letting in the natural light. Of course, when you combine these curtains with block-out curtains, you can close the heavier curtains as required.

How Big Should My Sheer Curtains Be?

As is the case with all curtains, you must take the measurements of your windows in advance to get the right size for your sheer curtains. There are some things to consider when you take the measurements though. If you want to get the most from your sheer curtains, they must have a little bit extra - this creates the beautiful wave effect we commonly associate with sheer curtains.

When you measure the width of your window, make sure you double or even triple that width depending on the amount of wave you want your sheer curtains to have. When it comes to the length of the sheer curtains, you have several options. Firstly, you can make the sheer curtain the same length of a floor-length curtain. However, you can also keep it a little shorter. Still, when it comes to the right measurements for your sheer curtains, the accurate width is most important.

Can I Acquire Sheer Curtains from Spotlight?

Spotlight has a lovely selection of premade sheer curtains - this includes a collection of café - curtains, which look wonderful in the kitchen. Of course, Spotlight also provides the fabrics crafters need to make their own sheer curtains from scratch, so the possibilities are endless.

At Spotlight, the range of curtains is not limited to sheer curtains alone. Our range also includes lots of black-out curtains, blinds, curtain accessories, blind accessories and a whole bunch more. So, if you want to give your home that perfect finish, be sure to check out everything on offer in the Spotlight collection.



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