Pencil Pleat Sheer Curtains

Spotlight's pencil pleat sheer curtains allow you to filter light while adding some privacy. Shop our timeless & classic curtains online or in-store!

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Can I purchase pencil pleat sheer curtains at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers a large range of different curtain styles, including pencil pleat sheer curtains. Take a look at all the different options of sheer curtains today, to find your perfect sheer curtains at excellent prices here!

What are pencil pleat sheer curtains?

These curtains are sheer curtains, as the name suggests, but rather than being fitted with a pocket that accommodates a wire or curtain rod, these particular sheer curtains come with curtain tape attached, which allows them to be gathered into pleats and being hung from hooks from a curtain track or curtain pole. This gives a slightly more formal look, ideal if sheer curtains are your only form of window dressing.

What size do pencil pleat sheer curtains come in?

There are various options, including some that come as a single curtain panel, which is ideal if you want to use them for a glass door. For wider spaces, you can buy more panels and hang them together. Other sheer pencil pleat curtains come as pairs, in different widths. If the curtains are too long for your windows, it is not difficult to shorten them at home.

Do pencil pleat sheer curtains come in different colours?

Yes, although many sheer curtains are white, these curtains often also come in some different shades, such as our Filigree Tyrol Stripe pencil pleat curtain which is available in a stylish taupe, which works well with a number of interior styles.

How do I care for my pencil pleat sheer curtains?

Always check on individual product labels for instructions, to avoid shrinking or damage. Most sheer curtains can be hand washed, but machine washing and drying is not generally recommended as the delicate material can snag easily. Do not wring, but allow to gently drip dry. Sheer curtains can be hung up while still slightly damp, avoiding the need for ironing.

What other uses are there for pencil pleat sheer curtains?

These curtains are very suitable for interior partitions between different rooms, either in front of glass walls or by themselves. They can also be used in conjunction with blinds, as they will soften the look of the window space, and they can be used as a decorative feature with an attractive tie back fastening.



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