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Create a calming vibe at home with our linen-look curtains at Spotlight. Shop linen curtains online and elevate the look and privacy of your home.

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Relax At Home With Linen And Linen-Look Curtains From Spotlight

Want to give your home a relaxed, beachy makeover? Start with some beautiful linen curtains on your windows from Spotlight! Linen is a material we often see at tropical resorts, hotels and beach houses, and is loved as a clothing material for its light feel, durability and increased softness after every wash.

As a curtain material, linen is easy to wash and keeps its shape, making it a great choice for stylish curtains. You can also get the same look from linen-blend curtains or even imitation linen curtains that are made from materials like polyester.

Spotlight's ready-made curtains are easy to hang straight from the bag - choose your linen curtains and transform your home today!

Linen vs linen-look curtains

If it's a luxurious linen look you're after, you have several options to go for:

  • Natural linen curtains - the height of linen luxury are pure linen curtains. Pure linen curtains or French linen curtains are stunning choices that will stand out in the living room and bedroom, but they are also an expensive choice. Linen curtains are vulnerable to mould and mildew, and can be damaged by UV rays.
  • Linen blend curtains - for the look and feel of linen without the price, look for linen blend curtains. Many of our linen blend curtains are mixed with polyester for extra strength and flexibility, and retain the beautiful appearance of natural linen without hurting your wallet.
  • Linen-look curtains - for the look of linen with none of the drawbacks, look for polyester linen-look curtains. Polyester curtains are resistant to UV light, non-absorbent and unaffected by mildew, and are just as durable as natural linen curtains. They don't feel quite as luxurious, but how much are you touching your curtains anyway?

Our linen curtains come in eyelet, pencil pleat styles, tab top and pinch pleat styles, so you've got plenty of style options to choose from. We also have room-darkening and blockout linen and linen-look curtains to help you control the natural light in your home.

Linen curtain FAQs

What are linen curtains?

Linen curtains are window furnishings made from pure natural linen, a linen blend or even a linen-look material like polyester. Linen curtains give spaces a more relaxed, boho-vibe, and come in a great range of natural colours. You can also find sheer linen curtains for your light-filtering needs.

How to wash linen curtains

Most linen curtains can be washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. Use cool or warm water and a gentle detergent, and hang them out to dry instead of tumble drying them. Avoid mixing white and coloured linen curtains in case of colour bleeding. Delicate sheet linen curtains should be hand-washed to prevent tearing.

How to style linen curtains

Linen curtains tend to give spaces a more relaxed, holiday-like vibe, so are great if you are going for a bohemian or nautical style in your home. Linen curtains usually come in natural colours like white, beige or taupe, while linen-look curtains can come in bolder colours like navy blue or black. These curtains are well-suited to modern, industrial or minimalist homes. White linen curtains are safe to hang in the sun, while darker colours should be protected from UV rays if possible.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of curtains for you to discover, including:

  • Kids' curtains - our range of kids' curtains is super colourful and features heaps of different patterns and prints featuring all their favourite characters. There are sheer and opaque kids' curtains for you to choose from and even layer if needed.
  • Blockout curtains - our blockout curtains block almost all light from entering your home when hung correctly. Pair them with sheer linen curtains for complete control of natural light in your home.
  • Thermal curtains - help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter with any of our quality thermal curtains. Thermal curtains can help you save money on heating and cooling, lowering your power bill in times that it would usually spike!

Check out our other curtain styles, such as multi-header, s-fold and rod pocket, to find the perfect curtains for your space

Find the right linen curtains at Spotlight

Excited to choose your new set of linen curtains? Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your linen or linen-look curtains straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our amazing team will help you choose the best type of linen curtains for your space.

Make the best purchases for your needs by reading our guides on hanging curtains, using rods or tracks and curtain care and maintenance before buying. And for more curtain ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on mistakes to avoid when hanging curtains, how to make your own curtains and how to layer your window like a pro.



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