Accessory Patterns

Do you want to create some accessories which will stand out when you wear them? Then have a browse through Spotlight's range of sewing patterns today!

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Can I purchase accessory patterns from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are hoping to make your very own stylish handbag, a cute apron for in the kitchen, or even baby accessories for the new addition in your family, you are sure to find that pattern that you are looking for. From costumes and Christmas decorations to corsets and capes, you are sure to find the perfect pattern for you. With bargains galore across our range of haberdashery essentials, make Spotlight your number one shop for all your sewing supplies.

What is included in this range of patterns?

This range of accessory patterns at Spotlight is colossal and includes so many different accessories and items that will add the finishing touch to any outfit. Whether you are looking for a stylish hat for a formal event, gloves for driving through the countryside or winter woollies to keep you warm, we have lots of accessories available to create your own hats or clothes. Make stylish handbags as gifts for your girlfriends, or even make funky electronic cover devices to protect their gadgets. Create the sweetest apron for when you are slaving away in the kitchen, baby accessories for a stylish new addition to the family, or any other of our amazing accessory patterns.

Any tips for creating my own accessories using a pattern?

Each of our fabulously stylish patterns comes with detailed and simple to follow step-by-step instructions for making that specific item, and we recommend that you read these carefully prior to beginning your project. Experts recommend ironing your paper pattern on the lowest setting after it has been cut out to ensure that it lies flat to the material. Choose a sewing pattern that has been designed for your level.

Patterns may offer several different types of fabrics that could be used, and they will provide a rough estimate of fabric yardages required. However, we always recommend buying extra fabric do take both shrinking allowance and seam allowance into consideration. If you wish to reserve these patterns, you could trace them, using tracing paper, which will allow you to reproduce the item. A perfect way of passing on the trend to a loved one who has been coveting your new handbag.

How do I ensure that I make accessories in the right size?

Depending on the pattern itself, and the item that you are hoping to create. Some of our patterns come in single sizes, whereas others are multi-sized to provide fit to a range of different body shapes and sizes. If your body shape is different sizes, for example, if you have size 14 waist but a size 12 bust, it is sometimes possible to blend these sizes together. However, remember that adjacent pieces must be cut in the same size so that they will fit together and this can be difficult, jumping abruptly to different sizes may result in the garment being distorted and unwearable.

While patterns are designed with regard to common sizing requirements, these can never be as accurate as the genuine body form of the intended wearer. To ensure the perfect fit, it is always recommended that you take measurements before you begin your project.



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