Special Occasion Patterns

Our formal dress patterns from Spotlight are made perfectly for any special occasion you may think of. Discover our special occasion patterns today.

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Can I purchase special occasion patterns at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. With a wide variety of patterns for girls, women and children of all ages, you can adapt any outfit to your own style and size and create stylish and stunning outfits. Whether you are looking for a unique outfit that no-one else will be wearing, or you are looking to make bridal wear, prom dresses, a christening gown or other special occasion outfits for yourself or your family, you can find the right pattern here. Don't forget to check out our vast range of stunning special occasion fabrics at Spotlight too!

What is included in the special occasion patterns?

This range covers a multitude of different outfits, from an elegant shrug to keep you warm at the end of your evening out to a full bridal gown plus bridesmaid's dresses and pageboy outfits. Whether you want to make your own special occasion garments to save money, to make sure you are wearing something 100% original, or because you can't find what you are looking for in the shops, the range of outfits on offer is huge.

What should I keep in mind when sewing special occasion garments?

Obviously, for a special occasion you will want to appear at your most elegant. Here are some simple tips that can help you if you haven't had a lot of experience sewing special occasion garments before:

  • Always start in plenty of time as the project will likely take longer than expected -
  • Carefully measure yourself or the person you are sewing for, so you know the measurements are current
  • Make sure you use the type of fabric that is recommended on the pattern, if you want to get the best results -
  • Many special occasion fabrics have their own issues. For instance, velvet has a "nap" which means you have to be careful to keep the fabric the right way up. Lace can fray, and silky fabrics can slip away while you are sewing. Check out tutorials online to be sure -
  • Don't try to make a difficult garment like a wedding dress or prom dress from expensive material if you have never done this before. Buy some cheap fabric for a practice run so you don't waste lots of money.

Where can I find the fabric for my special occasion garments?

Take a look at the huge range of dressmaking fabrics on offer here at Spotlight. It includes silks and satins, velvet, lace, tulle, chiffon, faux fur and many other fabrics that are ideally suited to evening and bridal wear as well as costumes and accessories. You will also find buttons, zips, elastic, braid, lining material and much more here at Spotlight.

Does Spotlight sell other clothing patterns too?

Yes, you will find patterns here for everyday items such as pants, skirts and tops, but also plenty of patterns for kids, sleepwear, lingerie, costumes, workwear and even patterns for doll's clothing, pet's outfits and of course a large range of delicate baby garments too.



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