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Do you want some unique items in your home? Then have a look at our range of home decor sewing patterns. Shop with Spotlight online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase home decor patterns from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about every pattern that you could ever need or want to turn your house into a home. From curtains to organisers, tablecloths to soft toys, and just about everything in between. Shop now for great value deals and guaranteed low prices across our collection of sewing patterns.

What is included in this range?

This collection of patterns includes items that are designed to be in the home, whether that is to store your precious supplies, decorate a room with luscious drapes or create nursery toys that the little one will love. If you are looking for something specific, use the search bar above. Alternatively, if you are not quite sure which is the pattern for you, browse through our collection above and wait for inspiration to strike. With potholders, pincushions, baskets, and placemats alongside holiday decor, aprons and dolls accessories, we are certain that you will find that pattern that you are looking for.

How should I prepare my fabric?

It is recommended that you hand wash your chosen fabric in cold water prior to making your project. This also allows for the changes in size and shapes that fabrics can undergo when it is wet, and it will help to ensure a professional looking finish. If your fabric allows, we would also advise you to iron the material as this will help you significantly throughout the sewing process.

Do you have tips for first-time sewers using a pattern?

After you have mastered the basics of sewing and textiles, learning to sew using a pattern is perceived as being the next natural step. This will open up a world of possibilities, giving you the option and ability to create a huge, seemingly limitless, assortment of garments, whether they are home decor items such as these, clothes, accessories, costumes, soft toys, or anything else.

1) Choosing your pattern: For your first time, we recommend choosing a simple, easy pattern and getting to grips with the process before taking on a more challenging item.

2) Measurements: Begin with measuring your intended wearer and selecting the right size of pattern for them. Most pattern companies follow an international code, and some patterns are multi-sized, which means they can be suitable for a wide range of sizes. Look at the pattern carefully to figure out where to cut for each size.

3) Extra: A 'designer ease', sometimes known as 'seam allowance' refers to the extra fabric that you have cut and the allowance that you give for fit. Read the instructions on the individual pattern, or within the book, and compare measurements in order to find the allowance. This should be done with fabrics that have 'stretch', and not knit fabrics.

4) Cut out the pattern pieces: Cut these out using the solid lines on the pattern as a guide, and ensure that you use sharp purpose made scissors for the best cut.

5) Read the Instructions: Each pattern comes fully equipped with their own set of easy to follow step-by-step instructions, read these carefully to avoid any mistakes.

What other patterns do you have available?

At Spotlight, we have hundreds and hundreds of patterns to choose from, and if you sew, knit, or crochet, you are bound to find the perfect pattern for you. Perhaps you are looking to make a fancy dress costume for your little monster, matching pyjamas for the whole family, or electronic device covers to protect your precious gadgets. From dresses for dolls to ball gowns and soft toys, storage organisers and just about everything in between.



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