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Are you tired of altering standard clothing patterns to fit your body? Or do you want to feel more comfortable in the clothes you make for yourself? If so, be sure to take advantage of our plus size clothing patterns! Spotlight provides a range of plus sized clothing patterns for both men and women. Check out the pattern range to find some amazing jackets, tops, dresses and even historical costumes. We are sure you will find a great project to tackle next!

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Which Fabrics Are Best For Plus Size Clothing?

It is a common misconception that plus size clothing should only be made from stretchy materials. If you create your own clothes, there is no true limit to the materials you can use. Of course, the fabrics used in clothing all provide their own distinct range of benefits. So, let us have a look at the most popular choices for plus sized clothing and the advantages they deliver.

Why Should I Use Cotton For Plus Size Clothing?

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used for plus sized clothing. One of the main advantages it provides is breathability. If you often feel too warm, then cotton can provide the better solution. As heat is less likely to be trapped, most people feel very comfortable in cotton when warmer temperatures hit.

Another big advantage of using cotton in plus sized clothes is the easy maintenance of the material. Cotton is easy to wash and can withstand numerous washing without any problems. Evidently, this is a big reason why cotton is so popular.

Is Linen A Good Material For Plus Size Clothing?

Linen provides just as much, if not more breathability for clothes as cotton. Once again, it is an amazing choice for summer fashion, as clothes made from linen are breathable and light to boot.

One of the things to keep in mind when you work with linen is that this material has less stretch. If you don't feel too comfortable in clothes that have no stretch, then linen might not be the best material for your plus size fashion. However, if linen clothes are made properly for your size, they will still feel comfortable.

Could I Use Silk For Plus Sized Clothes?

Silk is a material that can regulate temperatures, which means it keeps you warm in colder temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures. The material is also known for its superior softness, so it is a comfortable choice for plus sized clothing.

Even though silk is a strong material that is often used for luxurious plus sized clothes, you must remember that this material is not as easy to maintain as cotton or linen. In most cases, it needs to be handwashed or even dry cleaned. So, if you decide to use silk for plus size clothing, always make sure that you choose silk that can be machine washed or is a little easier to maintain.

Should I Avoid Leather For Plus Sized Clothes?

That depends on your personal requirements. As we mentioned before, stretchy materials are not the only fabrics that can be used for plus sized clothes. If the clothes are made in the right size, they can be flattering and comfortable. One of the materials where this applies is leather.

Leather does not have a lot of stretch, so it is often avoided for plus sized clothes. Unfortunately, this means many people miss out on some amazing styles. From suede to nappa leather, there are countless options to choose from.

When you choose to make plus size clothes from leather, always make sure that the pattern you have is flattering for your figure. While you can wear a lot of designs, some cuts can be less flattering than others. If you should end up with a pattern that is not too flattering, make sure you have some extra leather fabric laying around so you can make some alterations when required.

Also, you do not have to use real leather for your plus sized clothes, as real leather can be a little pricey. There is plenty of faux leather out there that can be used for projects. Faux leather is also easier to care for, which provides more benefits for anyone who wears it regularly.

The Plus Size Patterns From Spotlight

To ensure you can gain access to the latest fashion trends, we regularly update our range of clothes patterns, this includes our range of plus sized clothing patterns. When you take a quick look at our range, you will quickly notice lots of fashionable choices that are comfortable to boot. So, why not take advantage of the outstanding fashion options in our range of patterns and add some stunning new pieces to your wardrobe. Since our patterns are affordable too, you can save big during the next fashion season!



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