Tie Backs

There are a variety of tieback styles to choose from - Plain, Piped, Frilled, Rouched, Straight, etc.

Tiebacks are ordered on a separate location to curtains on the worksheet.

Sizes and shapes can vary. Have a sample of a tieback to be able to show the customers. Tiebacks are made at different lengths to suit the number of drops they are covering.

The length of tiebacks should always be discussed with the customer. Ideally they should hold the curtain back to the edge of the window opening without exposing the window frame or architrave. This measurement can be obtained by "looping" the measuring tape in the position required and then taking that measurement.

To work out the length of tie back required you must know how many widths are in each curtain for the tie back to be big enough to hold it back without bunching it up too much. The width of the tie back is also important, very short curtains look wrong with very wide tie backs and conversely very long curtains look wrong with narrow tie backs. Usually the widths vary between 4 and 6 inches (10-15cms).

No. of widths per curtain

Approximate length of tie back

118" (450mm)
1.522" (560mm)
224" (610mm)
2.527" (680mm)
330" (760mm)
3.533" (840mm)

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