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Discover the joys of cooking with the Danish cookware brand Scanpan! Scapan is renowned for creating durable, stylish cookware and cooking accessories. From small knife sharpeners and kitchen shears to impressive chef's pans and stock pots, Scanpan creates all its pieces with the greatest of care and finest materials, so you can be assured all Scanpan cookware will meet any standard.

Invest in Premium Quality Scanpan Cookware to Make Cooking Easy

Thanks to its polished and timeless design, Scanpan frypans, pots and trays look incredible in any kitchen, from the most rustically designed to a contemporary modern space.

The non-stick surface of Scanpan pots and pans is created from either recycled aluminium or stainless steel, and every non-stick surface is PFOA-free. Scanpan continually seeks to improve its designs by working closely with its partners and professional chefs to make Scanpan pans, pots, trays and utensils that are at the cutting edge of cookware creation every time.

Scanpan FAQs

How do I clean a Scanpan pan?

A nonstick pan can be filled with cold water immediately after use (don't worry, it won't warp), rinsed and then gently cleaned with water and soap. Stainless steel Scanpans can be washed in the dishwasher, although handwashing will help extend the life of your cookware.

How do I use a Scanpan knife sharpener?

Take off the lid and fill the base tray of the sharpener with cool water. Place the lid back onto the sharpener, then place it on a flat surface and hold it down with one hand. Slot the knife into the groove that corresponds to how dull your knife is (a very dull knife will go in the coarse blue slot, while a thin knife that needs to be extremely sharp can go in the fine white slot), and move the knife back and forth using light pressure. Repeat the movement around 15-20 times to sharpen your knife. When finished, remove the lid, drain the water and wipe both the sharpener and the ceramic stones dry.

Why is food sticking to my non-stick Scanpan?

If the nonstick coating on your pan is deteriorating, it may be because you have heated the oil in your pan too much - when oil gets too hot, it can stick to the non-stick coating and then cause it to deteriorate. Never let the oil heat up so much that it smokes! Be especially careful when using a Scanpan roasting pan, as the heat of your oven can easily cause oil to get overly hot.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen At Spotlight?

In addition to some amazing Scanpan sets and individual pieces, Spotlight has some much other great kitchenware to offer!

  • Pots and pans - choose from stainless steel, ceramic, carbon steel and coated aluminium pots and pans from all your favourite cookware brands.
  • Roasting trays and racks - the best way to create a delicious roast is with a roasting tray and rack combination! Find amazing roasting cookware here to ensure your roast meat and veg are always cooked to perfection.
  • Utensils and gadgets - the right gadget can make cooking so much easier, so why not buy what you need now and save yourself the hassle? Find tools like whisks, tongs, spatulas and other small, handy utensils here!

Discover Spotlight's full catalogue of kitchen and dining ware online or in-store.

Find the right Scanpan cookware at Spotlight

Cook like a professional with Scanpan impact cookware! Buy online and have your Scanpan cookware home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and browse the range in person. If you find the sheer amount of kitchenware a little hard to go through, read our buying guides to help narrow down the search! Our cookware buying guide and utensils buying guide will ensure you only buy what you need.



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