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Our pant and skirt patterns at Spotlight is sure to help you with your next garment creation projects. Discover our range of clothes patterns at Spotlight now.

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Can I purchase skirts and pants patterns at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you like making clothes for yourself or other members of the family, why not browse our vast range of skirts and pants patterns at Spotlight. We offer for a large collection of interesting clothing patterns for men, women and kids of all ages. With petite patterns and plus size patterns in the range, and variations on length and styles, you can find everything you need for your next skirt or pant sewing project here at Spotlight.

What types of patterns are included in the range?

The range includes everyday patterns for school, work and leisure, right up to glamorous garments for evenings out and costumes for kids and adults too. You will find skirt patterns for many different styles and lengths, and pants for all kinds of occasions including shorts and three-quarter length pants too.

Which size pattern will be right for me?

When you are sewing pants or skirts, the most important measurements to keep in mind are those of the waist and the hips. For the waist measurement, measure the natural waist, which is at the smallest part of the torso. For the hip measurement, take that at the fullest part of the lower body, which could be around the abdomen or the top of the thigh instead of at the hipbone. Always remember that if you make clothes to that exact measurement, you will probably not be able to walk, sit or even breathe comfortably, so make sure you allow a little extra. This is often referred to as "ease" in sewing language. Another good tip is to measure your favourite skirt or pair of pants, to see what the measurements are, and use those when selecting your pattern.

What if my measurements go across two sizes?

That is very common. Many people have a different size top and bottom, and even in one garment you may find that your waist is a size smaller than your hips, for instance. When measuring for skirts or pants, be guided by the overall hip measurement. Waist measurements can be adjusted more easily, and in some cases may be controlled by the use of elastic.

What else should I consider when buying skirts and pants patterns?

Make sure that your chosen fabric is suitable for the pattern you choose. On the back of the pattern envelope you can usually find a recommendation for the correct type of fabric (see picture at individual product listings). A fitted skirt won't have the same appearance if it is made from a delicate, soft fabric, and similarly a flowing pair of palazzo pants will not work when made from a sturdy wool.

Does Spotlight sell other types of patterns as well?

Yes, as well as pants and skirts, we stock patterns for dresses, tops, jackets, sleepwear, lingerie, swimwear, costumes and even pet garments! Browse the whole range today to see the large collection of patterns on offer.



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