Chandelier Quilt Project

Level: Intermediate


  • Material Requirements: 5 assorted fabrics
  • 150 x 150cm piece of background fabric
  • Fabric A: 35cm
  • Fabric B: 65cm
  • Fabric C: 25cm
  • Fabric D: 15cm
  • Fabric E: 25cm
  • Fabric F: 15cm
  • Fabric G: 15cm
  • 3 Metres of Vliesofix


Step 1 - This quilt is designed for an easy layout of applique and quilting to bring the quilt together.

Before cutting pieces iron the vliesofix to the marked out pieces just so you get a neat cut before ironing onto the fabric. All pieces will be appliqued onto the quilt.

Step 2 -

Fabric A Cut - 32 - 3x3 inch squares

Feature Fabric B Cut 16 - 12x4 inch pieces

Fabric C Cut 4 - 12x4 inch pieces

Fabric D Cut 3 - 12x4 inch pieces

Fabric E Cut 4 - 12x4 inch pieces

Fabric F Cut 3 - 12x4 inch pieces

Fabric G Cut 2 - 12x4 inch pieces

Step 3 - To begin laying your pieces onto the fabric you will need to use your washaway sewing marker and your 24 inch ruler to get your placement of fabrics correctly marked up.

Step 4 - Peel the backing fabric from all your applique pieces. With your main background fabric ironed and flat lightly mark a diagonal line across the piece of fabric corner to corner. Once marked find the center of the line and place another mark, from this mark, measure 6 inches on each side and make another mark. This will be where you will place your first piece of fabric.

Step 5 - With one of your main feature fabric 12x 4 pieces lay it and lay your first piece of 12x4 inch feature fabric along the diagonal line exactly in the middle of the markings. This will be the basis for all other pieces to be marked and put into position. Pin in place and continue to mark out placement for each piece. All pieces are 1 inch apart.

Step 6 - Once all pieces are pinned in place begin ironing all pieces into place. Because the quilt is angled and does not have a straight edge finish the quilt will need to be squared off once the pieces are all ironed down and placed.

Step 7 - Sandwich and quilt to finish.



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