Organica Quilt Project

Level: Easy


  • A selection of 4 x 55cm different types of white/off white, patterned or textured fabric.
  • A selection of 4 types of fabrics to use for the template pieces, use your discretion if fussy cutting as you will need more fabric. Approximately 50 cm of each piece of fabric.
  • 5m of heat n bond or vliseofix
  • 50cm of fabric for binding.
  • 5m of backing fabric.


Finished Size


38 x 47.5


Cut and piece background fabric first:

Fabric A

  • Cut 4 - 10 x 10" squares
  • Cut 1 - 10 x 19.5"

Fabric B

  • Cut 2 - 10 x 10" squares
  • Cut 1 - 10 x 19.5"

Fabric C

  • Cut 5 - 10 x 10" squares

Fabric D

  • Cut 2 - 10 x 10" squares
  • Cut 2 - 10 x 19.5"

Sew background fabric pieces altogether.


Step 1 - Mark out your templates onto the heat n bond making sure there are 5 of each template. Cut them out leaving extra around the lines as these are neatly trimmed once they are ironed onto the main fabric.

Step 2 - Place the templates where you would like on the fabric, you can manipulate the templates, turn them sideways etc so that it covers the preferred area for each piece. Iron the heat n bond to the fabric, allow to cool and then neatly cut out each of the templates and fabric as they are ironed on in preferred places.

Step 3 - Once all the templates have been cut out place them in their preferred place bearing in mind you can twist and turn them to fit into the squares of each section until you are happy with the look.

Step 4 - Once pinned in place, take the complete quilt to the iron and iron on to each of their specified places and you are done. Sandwich the quilt. Quilt and place on binding.



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