Velvet Cubed Ottoman Project

Level: Easy


  • Upholstery Fabric (We used 1.5m for a square Ottoman roughly 40cm x 40cm)
  • Cubed Ottoman Base
  • Staple Gun and Staples
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler


Step 1 - Measure your ottoman to ensure you have enough fabric to cover the whole thing. Measure from the base of one side up and across the top down to the other side and record - our measurement was 120cm. Add 10cm to your measurement to allow for a 5cm seam allowance.

Step 2 - Rule up a square on the wrong side of your fabric that is the total measurement you recorded in step 1. Ours was 130cm x 130cm. Cut out the fabric.

Step 3 - Lay the fabric right side down on a clear flat surface. Place the ottoman in the centre of the fabric, if you don't want to do it by eye you can measure and mark the corners on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 4 - Work on one side of the ottoman and pull the fabric up to the bottom edge of the ottoman and staple in place. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 5 - On the other 2 sides you will need to fold the excess fabric in on itself like a present. Make sure the fabric is laying neatly and then staple the fabric to the base and repeat on the other side until your ottoman is complete!



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