Kids Toy Organisers Project

Level: Easy


Note - This project will create two organiser panels.


Step 1 - For the body of the organiser, you will need to cut 2 x pieces of canvas in16cm x 60cm. (You can adjust this size, based on how large you would like your desired finished organiser).

Step 2 - Cut 6 x pieces of canvas 16cm x 20cm which will form the pockets.

Step 3 - Cut 4 x strips of canvas 7cm x 10cm which will form the loops to hang your organiser.

Step 4 - Take each of the main body panels and stitch a 1cm hem around the border to create a neat finish.

Step 5 - Take each of the pocket panels and use the Black permanent marker to create a design on each (We have drawn teddy bear and kitty faces, but you can use your creativity to use any cute design).

Step 6 - Attach 3 x pockets to each panel. Affix the first pocket about 8cm from the top of the panel, and space the intervals evenly between the 3 pockets down the length of the panel.

Step 7 - Take each of the 4 strips and sew them in half lengthways.

Step 8 - Sew two strips to the top of each panel to form loops to hang the organiser from.

Step 9 - You can now hang your two organiser panels on the wooden dowel to hold your kid's stuffs.



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