Canvas Dog Bed Project

Level: Easy


  • 1m Canvas Remini Stripe Multi 150cm wide
  • Thread
  • Zipper
  • Cushion to cover
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Fabric tape measure
  • Optional but helpful - Chalk marker, cutting mat, rotary cutter, quilting ruler


Step 1 - Measure your foam or cushion piece and record the length, width and depth as shown below.

Step 2 - Now use these measurements to create the below pattern for your cushion. This cushion is made using 1 continuous piece of fabric with a zip in the centre of the back-gusset panel.

Step 3 - Remember to add a 1cm seam allowance around the outside. Cut out fabric to the overall measurements from pattern, ours was 82cm x 122cm. Once cut overlock all edges of fabric piece.

Step 4 - Insert zip along the shorter edges of your fabric. The zip will not span the whole width of this fabric edge. Be sure to measure in from the edges to match up the zip placement according to your pattern. The zip will reach the edges of your cushion once it is assembled. Sew the remainder of the seam to trap the ends of the zip neatly.

Step 5 - Once the zip is in, turn fabric inside out so the right sides of the fabric is facing each other. Position the zip at the top of the folded fabric and unzip roughly 10cm, this will enable you to turn the cushion right side out once sewn.

Step 6 - Pin the open edges of the fabric together at each end and sew together with a 1cm seam allowance.

Step 7 -To make the square corners of the cushion, fold the fabric so the side seams are centred and flatten the corners of the rectangle out. This will create a triangle shape with the end of the seam at the top of the triangle. Measure in 5cm from the corner tip (this is half the gusset measurement) and pin through both layers of fabric. Sew a straight line across the corner, your stitch line should follow and go through the 5cm marked position. This will create a triangle shape as shown. The sewn line should be 10cm in length, equal to your gusset measurement. Repeat on all 4 sides. This will create the 10cm gusset around the entire cushion cover. Your zip should end up in the centre of the back-gusset panel once the corners are sewn.

Step 8- Once all the corners are complete, turn the cover inside out and use hands to push out the corners neatly. If you want, you can cut the excess fabric off and over lock or zig zag the seam allowance.

Step 9- Insert the foam or cushion into your cover to finish!



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