Velvet Pin Cushion Project

Level: Easy

Project Name: Velvet Pin Cushion


  • 20cm of 148cm wide Panne
  • Matching colour perle thread
  • 29mm self-cover button
  • Hobby fill
  • Scissors, pins, tape measure, pencil, hand needle
  • Matching sewing threads
  • Sewing machine


Step 1 - Cut two circles each with a 20cm diameter from velour fabric.

With right sides facing, pin velour circles together. With a 1cm seam allowance, sew circles together leaving a 5cm gap for turning out. Clip the curves of the seam and turn right way out.

Lightly stuff the cushion will hobby fill until full but not too compact and firm. Hand sew the opening closed along the seam line.

Step 2 - Thread the hand needle with matching coloured perle thread. Make a large knot at one end of the thread and insert the needle through the center of the cushion. Pull thread tight until knot is firmly in the center. Loop thread around the side of the cushion and thread the needle back through the center on the other side of the cushion. Pull thread tight to obtain the pulled in petal look. Continue looping the thread around the cushion in the same manner to obtain the desired number of petals. Tie off the thread in a large tight knot on the same side as the first knot.

Step 3 - Cover a self-covered button with a scrap of velour as per the button manufacturer's instructions. Hand sew the button to the center of the cushion on the same side as the knots.



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