Brother Jennys Bird Cushion Project



  • 16"x 13" (40.5 x 33cm) for cushion front
  • 18" (45cm) of backing fabric
  • Small amount fabric scraps for Applique
  • 16"x 13" (40.5 x 33cm) light or medium weight iron on Pellon
  • A coloured thread that will compliment your backing fabric
  • Black thread for Appliqué
  • 12" (30cm) fusible web
  • 16" (41cm) cushion insert
  • Small black button for eye 'Brother' Sewing Machine, instruction book and accessories,
    scissors, pins, iron, and ruler or measuring tape.
  • 'Brother' ScanNCut machine (optional)
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat make cutting the fabric easier (optional)

Note: Read instructions carefully before starting project. 100% cotton fabrics are recommended.



A. Cut cushion front fabric 16"x 13" (40.5 x 33cm)
B. Cut Pellon 16"x 13" (40.5 x 33cm)
C. From backing fabric cut two 2 x 16" x 21" (40.5 x 53cm)


Step 1. Place Pellon, adhesive side up, on the ironing board. Lay the cushion top over Pellon, cushion top right side up. Iron to activate the adhesive (do not put iron directly onto
Pellon as it will melt).

Step 2. If using the 'Brother' ScanNCut use manufacturer's instructions to cut your applique. Download design with this pattern. Miss next steps and go to step 8.

Step 3. If you don't have a ScanNCut trace applique templates onto the paper side of fusible web.

Step 4. Roughly cut out leaving a small margin around each shape.

Step 5. Iron shapes to the back of fabric scraps using manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6. Carefully cut out along lines. Peel backing from applique pieces.

Step 7. Finger crease centre of cushion front, lay out appliqué, until you are happy with placement while still leaving room for the leaves.

Step 8. Applique pieces in this raw edge design do not overlap.

Step 9. Iron appliqué to the front cushion.

Step 10. Using triple stitch, stitch around shapes.

Step 11. Transfer leaf design to cushion front with a light box or free hand with a wipe off pen.

Step 12. Set machine for triple stitch needle position centre. Carefully stitch outline.

Step 13. Now it's time to stitch the button in place for the eye. First insert button into the buttonhole foot, holes visible. Adjust stitch width so the needle doesn't hit the button. Feed dogs down and stitch.


Step 1. Fold wrong sides together one of the cushion back pieces now 10 1/2" x 16" (26.5 x 40.5cm) repeat for the second.

Step 2. Form the cushion back by overlapping the two rectangles, folds to the centre.

Step 3. Place cushion top right side up lay the cushion back right side down, raw edges even. Pin together raw edges.

Step 4. 0.4" (1cm) seam sew around cushion. Change to
a zig zag or over lock stitch and secure edges.

Step 5. Fold in corners. Turn right side out through back opening.

Step 6. Press.

Step 7. Insert cushion, the square cushion insert will easily fix the rectangle cushion cover making a nice plump cushion.



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