Lady Bug Cushion Project

Level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Sewing machine & hand needle
  • Hand scissors
  • Black and white sewing thread
  • Hobby fill
  • Red, black and white felt
  • Dressmaking pins to hold the felt pieces together


Step 1 - Cut two circles out of black felt for the body of the ladybug, you can make this as large or small as you like.

Step 2 - Once you have decided on the size of your ladybug pillow, using the red felt, trace out two more circles the same size as the black circles.

Step 3 - Fold the red circles in half and cut, you should now have four semi-circles.

Step 4 - Decide how large you want the head of your ladybug (the black part), and cut back on the red felt circles, leaving the black part exposed. The four red pieces will now be used to create the wings.

Step 5 - Cut out a few smaller black circles to be the dots along the wings of the ladybug.

Step 6 - With the white felt, cut out the eyes, and then smaller black circles to finish it off.

Step 7 - You should now have a few shapes cut out of your felt that look like the provided template (see PDF).

Step 8 - Place two red semi-circle wing shapes on top of each other and guide out where you want your black dots. Pin these so you don't lose their spots. Trim around the black spots that are spilling over the wings and cut in half any spots that are overlaying between the two wings.

Step 9 - Sew the black spots onto one layer of the red wings. Once your dots are secure, remove their pins, and pair together the wings with dots and without dots together. Face one wing with dots towards another plain wing, and sew around the edges, leaving the design on the inside, and a small gap on the top to allow flipping inside out.

Step 10 - Flip your wings inside out and sew them to one of your large black circles. You should now have one plain black circle, and another with your wings attached.

Step 11 - Sew the smaller eye black dots onto the larger white dot to create your two eyes. Sew these onto the black part of the circle with the wings. Use pins where necessary to secure your pieces. You should now have a plain black circle, and a black circle with eyes and wings.

Step 12 - Place the plain black circle on top of your other circle, you should have the design facing inwards, and the outside should be black. Pin these together and sew the outside, leaving a small gap to fill with hobby fill.

Step 13 - Turn the pillow inside out, and fill with hobby fill to your desired thickness. Sew the hole up with thread and a hand needle.

Step 14 - Your pillow should now be done!



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