How To Make Your Own Piping Project



  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Washable marker or tailors chalk
  • Piping cord
  • Iron


Step 1 - Binding - To figure out the total length of piping you will need for your cushion double the width and length measurements of your pillow insert and add 9cm. This will give you the total length of bias binding you will need to make the piping for you cushion.

Step 2 - To make the bias binding, take the fabric and fold the bottom left corner up towards the top edge, when it matches you will have made a 45 degree angle. Press the seam and cut along the fabric where the other edge lies, to give you a triangle of fabric.

Step 3 - Use a washable marker or tailors chalk and mark 3.5cm wide strips along the diagonal edge of the triangle. Cut out the strips of bias using scissors and trim the ends so they are squared.

Step 4 - To join your bias strips, pin two strips together with right sides together. Use a washable marker or tailors chalk draw a 45 degree angle across the corner of the join.

Step 5 - Use a sewing machine to stitch across this line with a straight stitch. Trim away the excess and press seam open. Repeat this step with all your bias strips until you have one long strip of fabric cut on the bias.

Step 6 - Making your piping - With the right side of your bias binding facing down, fold back one of the ends back by 3 cm and press. Place the cording on top of your binding starting 3cm away from the folded edge.

Step 7 - Fold the bias binding over the cord so that the raw edges are matching and the cord is sandwiched between the two layers of bias binding. Pin in place. Continue pinning until the entire bias piece is folded and pinned together.

Step 12 - Sew along the bottom edge of the bias binding with a 0.5cm seam allowance and starting from where you placed the cord in step 10, there should be about 6cm of unsewn fabric left at the end of your bias binding.



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