Hasina Cactus Cushions Project




  • 0.75m of Ica and Ancash Hasina
  • 1 m of Plain Duck, Black, 120cm
  • Cotton Piping Cord
  • Matching Thread
  • Tracing Paper (For Pattern)
  • Scissors
  • 500g Hobby Fill

Hasina Cactus Cushions Project
Hasina Cactus Cushions Download Hasina Cactus Cushions Project


Step 1: First draw out pattern on tracing paper in a CACTUS shape (Height- 40cm & Width-14cm).

Step 2: Cut 2 panels of Hasina fabric with the help of the pattern you created in the previous step. The hem needs a seam allowance of 2cms.

Step 3: Stitch the 2 panels together leaving a small gap for filling. Overlock all edges and finish with the piping.

Step 4: For piping, use black duck fabric and insert cotton cord. Sew around edges of Hasina panels.

Step 5: Turn inside out, your cushion is now ready to fill.

Step 6: Fill the Cactus with hobby fill and hand sew up the small hole used for filling.

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