Batik Cushions Project



  • 60cm of 6 x Batik Fabric Designs
  • Sewing Machine and matching thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Pins
  • Cushion inserts


To fit a 40 x 40cm cushion insert

Step 1 - Cut a 55x55cm square for the front of the cushion, sandwich this as you would for a quilt and free motion quilt your design onto the cushion face.

Step 2 - Add some hand quilting into the design to add texture and colour. See Patterns Below:

Draw your design onto your cushion cover with a fabric pencil that can be erased later.

Step 3 - First add your free motion quilting to the cushion top and then add your hand stitching with your embroidery thread in between your shapes on the quilt in a contrasting colour to your fabric to bring out the texture and design in your cushion cover.

Step 4 - Cut cushion cover front to size once quilted - 50x50cm. You will need two pieces of fabric cut for the back of the cushion - 50cm x 40cm. One edge will need to be hemmed with a 2cm hem.

Step 5 - With the right sides of fabric facing inwards towards each other, place each piece of the back squarely onto the back (right sides inwards) with the hemmed edge placed towards the middle.

These pieces of the back of the cushion will overlay one another by approximately 10cm allow an opening for the cushion insert.

Step 6 - Pin into place and sew evenly around the edge of the cushion on all four sides. Turn the cushion right side out and enjoy!



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