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Ticking Door Stop Project




  • 0.75m Davel Striped Ticking, Stone
  • Plain Fabric (for lining)
  • Matching Thread
  • 100g hobby fill
  • Rice (2 cups) for filling (or any other heavy weight material)
  • Tracing Paper
  • Scissors

Ticking Door Stop Project
Download Project Instructions Download Ticking Door Stop Project


Step 1. Cut x4 panels of the below in both Davel Triangle. These will be your sides.

Step 2. Cut x1 panel of the below for both Davel Ticking and Lining Fabric. This will be your base.

Step 3. Cut x1 5cmx10cm panel. This will be your top handle loop.

Step 4. Attach each of the lining panels to the Ticking panels by sewing around the edges, ensuring the right side of the ticking is facing outwards.

Step 5. Trifold the top handle loop and sew down the middle to create a strap.

Step 6. Sew each triangle together matching up the 23cm side on one triangle to the 23cm side of the other triangle. Continue until 3 triangles are joined, then loop the top handle loop in and sew in with the last triangle. Once all triangles are joined and you will have a pyramid shape with the loop at the top.

Step 7. With the pyramid turned inside out, sew the square bottom panel on the bottom of the pyramid. Leave a small hole for filling. Turn the pyramid the right way around using this hole.

Step 8. Fill 1/2 way with hobby fill and push to the top of the pyramid. Fill the remaining with rice to weigh it down. Sew up the hole by hand stitching.

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