Watermelon Tag Project



  • 'Sculpey' in green, black, red and white
  • Bag Chic Silver split ring pack
  • 'Ribtex' Lobster clasp with silicone beads
  • Knife
  • 'Sculpey' Etch n Pearl Tool Set
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Rolling pin
  • Superglue


Step 1 - Mix red and white sculpey together to make a watermelon pink colour. This should be approximately 2 parts red
to 1 part white, but you can experiment to get the colour you want. Roll this into a round ball.

Step 2 - Then using a rolling pin, roll out Sculpey into a circular shape approx. 1cm thick. The thickness is up to you, depending on how thick you want your finished Watermelon to be.

Step 3 - Cut a wedge from this circle to form your watermelon slice, roughly 10cm tall and 8cm wide at the base.

Step 4 - Take a piece of white Sculpey and roll it to a few mm thick.

Step 5 - Cut a strip of the white Sculpey to the width and length of the bottom curve of your watermelon and carefully press it on.

Step 6 - Do the same with your green Sculpey, but roll this piece slightly thicker than the white.

Step 7 - Roll some tiny pieces of black Sculpey into eye, mouth and seed shapes, and position them on your watermelon. It helps to use a ballpoint pen to make little indentations for them to sit in.

Step 8 - Use the pointed end of your sculpey tool to pierce through the top of your watermelon slice and create a hole for where the split ring will go through.

Step 9 - Bake according to packet instructions, and allow to cool before handling.

Step 10 - Once cool place split ring through the hole and attach lobster clasp. To finish attach to bag or keys!



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