Shamrock Feathers Project




  • Selection of Shamrock natural feathers.
  • Wire wreath, Medium size has been used
  • Glue gun

Shamrock Feathers Project
Download Project Instructions Download Shamrock Feathers Project


Step 1. Lay out all the feathers and select the colours and sizes you would like to use in the completed project.

Step 2. Starting at the top, glue along the stem of the feather and press firmly onto the wire wreath.

Step 3. Continue this process of gluing down feathers and work your way down the sides of the wreath overlapping the feathers so that you cover the stems of the one above it.

Step 4. Once your feathers start to meet in the centre at the bottom of the wreath you need to start placing feathers specifically to neaten up where they overlap covering all the glued down stems. This can take a bit of time but will be worth it for a neat finished product, once finished hang onto a hook.

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