Handmade Softies Project




  • Brown felt squares
  • Red felt squares
  • White perle thread
  • Patterned fabric scraps - red & white
  • Narrow ribbon - red & white
  • Narrow ribbon - white
  • Hand sewing needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Hobby fill
  • Buttons
  • Template provided

Handmade Softies Project
Handmade Softies Project Download Handmade Softies Project


Step 1. Cut out one gingerbread man then using backstitch hand sew around him onto another felt square leaving a small section open for stuffing. Carefully cut out the gingerbread man around the stitching, stuff with the hobby fill and finish off the stitching. This method ensures the edges are even. Repeat for more gingerbread men and ladies. Tie a small bow with the red and white ribbon then stitch in place to create a bow tie. Create a skirt, gather up a small scrap of fabric, attach some narrow ribbon to each end of the scrap and tie skirt around the waist. Attach ribbon to the top to hang

Step 2. Cut out a heart shape and stitch it to another piece of red felt in the same way as the gingerbread men using white thread. Stuff the heart then finish the stitching as before. Stitch a red & white narrow ribbon loop to the top to hang. Add a button to the heart if desired.

Handmade Softies Project Download Handmade Softies Project
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