Floral Wreath Project


What you'll need:

  • 350mm marbee galvanised silver metal ring
  • Floral wire
  • Pliers
  • 3mm kaisercraft lucky dip natural twine natural
  • 5 cm green living space flocked succulent stem
  • 80 cm white hydrangea stem
  • 75 cm cream chrysanthemum floral stem
  • Eucalypts stems
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Step 1 - With your chosen artificial floral and foliage stems, cut the stems using your pliers if needed and create four bouquets. Tie your arrangements with floral wire. Your arrangement should include different lengths of leaves and flower, this will add volume and dimension.

Note - In this project we use a range of eucalyptus, succulent greens and the leaves from the flower stems.

Step 2 - Create a centre piece bouquet, we used Hydrangea and Chrysanthemum and the leaves from the stems.

Tip - Lay your bouquet covering half the ring to see how your arrangement will look and add extra bouquets or foliage if needed.

Step 3 - Take the floral wire and in the centre of the metal ring, tightly wrap around the ring at least five times using pliers. Make sure the wire is wrapped close together. Take your center piece arrangement, place it on the ring and continue wrapping the floral wire tightly so the bouquet holds.

Step 4 - Using the floral wire, continue wrapping the metal ring and attaching the arrangements until you have covered half of the metal ring.

Step 5 - Use the hot glue gun on the floral wire to keep your arrangements in position.

Step 6 - Wrap the natural twine covering the other half of the metal ring. Cut a piece of string at your chosen length to hang your wreath, and tie in the middle of the covered twine.



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