Sunny Nursery Project



  • 30cm of three Sunny Nursery printed fabrics
  • 30cm of Prima Pure White, Aqua and Daffodil 112cm
  • 30cm Heat & Bond
  • 30cm Ribbon
  • Batting
  • Hobby Fill
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Templates


    Step 1. To make your Sunny Nursery Alphabet Book start by cutting:

    • 5 blocks 25x25cm from your mixed fabrics
    • 5 blocks 20x20cm from your mixed fabrics
    • 5 blocks 20x20cm from your batting

    Step 2. Draw out each letter in reverse approx. 10cm tall and apply your Heat & Bond to the reverse side of your fabric. Cut out each letter and iron down to the centre of a 20x20cm square fabric piece. Quilt around the edges to secure each letter.

    Step 3. Next, lay your letter piece over a batting square and then onto the centre of a 25x25cm backing piece. Pin all three layers together and secure by folding the backing excess over onto your front piece and sew for a neat slender border. Remember to trim and fold in corners for a neat finish.

    Step 4. Sew the top corner of your letter blocks together and decorate with a bow.


    Step 1. To make your Sunny Nursery Snail Toy you will need to cut two long strips 80cm long x 7cm wide

    Step 2. From a contrasting coloured fabric, cut out your three snail pieces, two matching body pieces 18cm tall x 22cm long, and your snail base piece 20cm long.

    Step 3. Lay your two snail body pieces together and sew the full way around except for the bottom and between the two notches. Now sew in your base piece and turn your snail inside out and stuff in the hole left between the notches.

    Step 4. Once you have filled your toy snail, hand sew shut. Your snails coil shell will cover these stitches.

    Step 5. Next to create your coil shell, sew your two long strips together (with the reverse of your fabric to the outside) to create a very long sausage shape, getting slimmer towards the end. Trim away excess and fold inside out before you stuff with Hobby Fill. Be careful not to overfill, as the stuffing needs to remain soft and pliable for rolling into shape.

    Step 6. Once your long tube is full, sew closed and start rolling into a coil, stitching together as you go. Once your coil shape is sewn together, sew it down to the back of your snail's body, stitching in multiple places to ensure it is secure to your toy.

    Step 7. Finish by adding long stitches for eyes.



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