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Baby Wrap Project




  • 1.20 metres each of 150cm wide Muslin Print (2 designs)
  • 2.20 metres (single thickness) or 4.40 metres (double thickness) plain 90cm wide White Muslin (Inter-lining)
  • 2 Packets of 5 metre 12mm Bias Binding
  • Scissors, sewing needles
  • Pins, matching thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron

Optional: Rotary Cutter/Cutting Board, Quilting Ruler can assist with accurate cutting. Optional for Confident sewers: Binding foot attachment for your machine.

Baby Wrap Project
Download Project Instructions Download Baby Wrap Project


Step 1. Wrap: Cut 1 piece each of Muslin Print, 110cms wide x 90cms long. Inter-lining: Cut 1(single) or 2(double) pieces each of Muslin Print, 110cms wide x 90cms long

Step 2. Tie: Cut 1 pieces each of Muslin Print, 110cms wide x 27cms long and shaped as per diagram Inter-lining: Cut 1(single) or 2(double) 110cms wide x 27cms long and shaped as per diagram.

Step 3. Wrap: Layer fabric for wrap as follows: fabric 1 wrong side up, layer inter-lining on top and flatten to ensure no creases, and edges align, lay fabric 2, right side up, on top, and flatten once again.

Step 4. Pin around edges, then trim so all edges are level and straight.

Step 5. Stitch or overlock around all sides, ensuring stitch line is 5mm from edge.

Step 6. Note: For confident sewers with a binding foot, binding can be stitched with stitching showing. The following method is for concealed stitching. Starting in the middle, open up the Bias Binding and with right sides facing, and the first 8mm folded in to hide raw edge, stitch one side along the crease (6mm allowance).

Mitre corners by stitch along one side until 6mm from the end. Fasten off. Fold corner as per diagram, and resume stitching from 6mm in and repeat all the way around the wrap. Overlap the end with the folded start, and trim.

Step 7. Fold binding over edge and hand sew using an invisible stitch.

Step 8. Tie: Repeat layering of the fabrics and inter-lining, and binding process with tie piece, from step.

Step 9. Centre the tie over the wrap 9cms down from top edge. Sew 2 lines of stitch 6mm from and on each side of the centre line.

Step 10. Press and trim all thread ends.

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