Nursery Hanging Pockets Project



  • Plain Drill - 1 metre
  • Iron-on Interfacing - 1 metre
  • Cuddle Fleece - 40cm
  • Iron-on Buckram - 1 metre
  • Minky Dot fleece - 50cm
  • Pom pom trim - 1.5 metres
  • Tassel trim for hanging - 50cm
  • Matching thread
  • Wooden Dowel - 15mm x 35cm
  • Staple gun


Step 1 - Cut 2 x pieces of drill fabric 32cm x 92cm for the backing. Apply interfacing to both sides.

Step 2 - Cut 6 x tabs 6cm x 14cm. Place 2 x tab pieces right sides together and stitch along long edges, leaving short ends open. Turn right side out and press. Topstitch along both long edges. Repeat to make 3 tabs.

Step 3 - Fold tabs in half, then pin in place along the top edge of one piece of the backing. The right and left tabs need to be placed 1.5cm in from the long edge, with the remaining tab placed in the centre. All raw edges should be together with the folded edge of all tabs pointing downwards. Stitch in place.

Step 4 - Place remaining backing piece face downwards on top of first piece and stitch around all edges, leaving a 15cm opening in the bottom edge for turning. Clip corners, turn right side out and press. Topstitch around all edges.

Step 5 - Cut 3 x pieces cuddle fleece 18cm x 45cm, 3 x pieces minky dot 22cm x 45cm, and 3 x pieces buckram 17cm x 45cm.

Step 6 - Make a semi-circle stencil 30cm along the base and 17cm high. Using the
stencil, cut 3 x minky dot fabric, 3 x cuddle fleece, and 3 x buckram (cut the buckram 1cm shorter on each side).

Step 7 - Attach the buckram to all the cuddle fleece rectangles and semi-circles, 6 pieces in all. Attach the curved edge of a cuddle fleece semi-circle to the bottom edge of a cuddle fleece rectangle. Repeat to make 3 x cuddle fleece units. Using the same process, make 3 x minky dot units.

Step 8 - With right sides together, join 1 x minky dot unit to 1 x cuddle fleece unit, making sure the extra width of minky extends past the top edge of the cuddle fleece. Stitch sides and base, leaving the top edge open. Turn right side out, fold excess minky over the top of the cuddle fleece raw edge, and stitch in place.

Step 9 - Attach pompom trim to cover minky raw edge. Repeat to make 3 identical pockets.

Step 10 - Place pockets, evenly spaced onto the backing piece, and pin in place. Stitch around side and bottom edges.

Step 11 - Thread wooden dowel through tabs at the top. Attach the ends of the tassel trim to each end of the dowel and staple in place.



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