Why you need blockout curtains this summer

Why you need blockout curtains this summer

As temperatures begin to climb, we begin to start looking for ways to cool our homes from the relentless Australian summer heat. While everyone loves a bit of air conditioning, you can save money instead by cooling your home with any of Spotlight's quality blockout curtains.

Our blockout curtains come in a great range of colours and header types including eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat and rod pocket curtains - so you're sure to find a set you'll love that suits your home!

What are blockout curtains?

Blockout curtains (also known as blackout curtains) are specially designed to almost completely block light from outside penetrating into your home. Created from a fabric with an acrylic or silicone blockout backing, our blockout curtains, when hung correctly, will block out 100% of light that would otherwise come through a window.

Spotlight also has a range of thermal and room darkening curtains which can provide up to a 70% light block, and they also help to reduce draughts.

Blockout Curtains

How can blockout curtains help me in summer?

Blockout curtains are extremely helpful during summer, as they help keep your home cool - and provide a few handy benefits at the same time!

  • Block light and heat - strong sunlight through glass windows can heat your house up very quickly. Blocking this light can help keep your home cool, although they must be drawn before the light becomes strong.
  • Contain cool air - curtains block heat transference between the outside and inside, so if your house is cool, keeping the curtains closed will prevent the warm and cool airs from intermingling.
  • Save energy from cooling - while air conditioning is expensive and a welcome relief on hotter days, it can be costly to run for long periods of time. By cooling your home, drawing your blockout curtains and then turning off the air conditioner, you can trap the cool air inside and prevent it from leaching out of your windows.
  • Sleep better - longer days mean shorter nights, and if you need to sleep while there's daylight around, blockout curtains are your tickets to a good night's sleep. They block out enough light that you can sleep comfortably at any time of day!

How should I hang blockout curtains?

Because of their heavy make and thickness, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when hanging blockout curtains:

  • Use a medium to heavy-weight curtain rail to ensure it won't bend under the weight of your curtains. We recommend a rod with a diameter of 19/22mm up to 33mm which can easily hold the heavier curtain weight.
  • Using sheer curtains provides daytime privacy while filtering the sun and light - they are a great way to soften your window. If you want complete control over how much of that summer sun you let into your home, consider layering your blockout curtains with sheer curtains using a double rod set or curtain track.
  • Avoid hanging them in humid areas - because they are so thick, blockout curtains retain moisture easily, so avoid hanging them in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where they can become damp from steam.
Hang Blockout Curtains

Find ready to hang blockout curtains and blinds at Spotlight

Keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long with any of Spotlight's blockout curtains or blinds. View the entire range online or head into your local Spotlight store and check out the range in person! We offer ready-made and made-to-measure curtains, so you're bound to find a set that suits your home perfectly. If you're feeling up to a DIY challenge, Spotlight stocks all the blockout fabrics and extra accessories you need to make your own blockout curtains.

We offer a free measure and quote service we encourage you to take advantage of, as well as helpful buying guides on everything curtain-related you need to know.




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